Friday, December 31, 2010

Last post

The photoshopping started with me gasping saying
"I went Serendah this year? I thought it was last year!"

It was an eventful year, definitely. Where a lot of things happened unplanned and came smack right on my right cheek asking me to make desicions lol. A year where I learnt a lot of things about life, about myself, and about people.

Next year is going to be a highlight of my life. Whether its a good or bad thing. I've started to learn how to cook. Settling the plane tickets and University payment on my own. Started to pack things up and filtered stuffs, and memories at the same time.

New Year Resolution?

1. I need a change.
2. Let the change decides what's next.

Good bye 2010, year well spent I'd say. Now I go get my pompom ready.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


So I had an odd Christmas this year.

Waking up at 10, cycled out and had breakfast alone.
Came back home and the accountant lady is in the office.
Greeted the lady, chatted for a while.

Then it was 11 o'clock.
Where I decided to walk out of the office.
Mum's sitting beside granny looking at her, talking to her.
Granny has been ill, all these while.
And today we all noticed something's different.

Dad's home at 12.
He had a look at grandma, suddenly someone mentioned about bringing her to the clinic.
It's Christmas Day.

So we carried grandma into my little Proton and off they went out to look for doctor.
So I was home alone.

I wandered around the house for a while, and sat down in front of the computer screen.
I walked out of the office and took a bath, then dad's back.
To take grandma's IC and medical documents.
Then they drove off again.

I watched a movie on my laptop, August Rush to be exact.
Then when the clock strikes 3, they are back. Grandma is not, maid too.
So grandma is hospitalized.

Dad say he's hungry. He drove out for lunch.
Mum and I walked to the backyard to observe on the two guy that came to harvest the coconuts we planted.
Dad's back say he's still hungry.
So we cooked.

Then 3 of us had lunch together, the house felt empty.
Mum's telling me how grandma need to go for an X-ray. We talked a bit about me going to Sydney, about mum going to KL and about the maid, and how obnoxious she can be sometimes.

The fan's spinning at the living room, I can hear Biri growling alone at the front door.

The tap is running at the kitchen.

It's Christmas, and the house felt empty.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

little mr sunshine

calvin oh calvin. =D

Monday, December 20, 2010

5 years

can you believe it. this is the age of this blog.

I started the blog during like day 3 when I started A Levels, and ever since, I started my life as a blogger ( well, not a very committed one unfortunately ) since then, now reading back my blogpost in year 2006 ( that's for me to do, not you, I beg you, don't.) and I see how things has changed.

A Levels has been a fresh experience to me, it is one fraction of my life in KL, the education fraction, and all those KTM rides, then that long walk to the college. The typical blocks I had to visit, the same ol' place we go for lunch, the same ol' bunch that downed their food in 10 minutes and off they fled to the land of DOTA. Then meeting new people, people outside PE4, meeting Melody, Yorshee, Melanie. I thank you KL, for the wonderful one and a half year. It started off well, at least, not as bad as I imagined it would be.

Then come along the Diploma, another fraction of my life in KL.Meeting new people, gaining new interest, doing new stuff. Archeeteks, Studio 7, Digital Lab, Photoshop, 3ds Max, Redang, Singapore, Tokyo, Lakeside, IP, Vietnam, Wongkok,BTADCAMMN, Student society, and before I manage to had a full grasp of what is actually going on, I graduated from Taylor's. and officially marked the end of my education life, in KL, in Malaysia.

2 hours ago, I just finished packing my last luggage and stored it into my boot.

and now I am sitting in front of the com, doing my last check in before I go to bed.

Thank you KL, for giving me such a wonderful 5 years.
Thank you for brighten up my life with these bunch of people, with those exciting encounters, and those experience and I loathe and disgust and never want it to happen again.

You showed me a lot about myself that I never noticed before.
And I love you for that.

Life in Sydney is going to be so much different from you, KL, maybe going home is a good start to getting use to it, or even learn how to adapt to it, isn't it ironic that home is the training ground of isolation, that's what you get when you're from Perlis I guess.

so good night KL, I see you in January, as a visitor.

PR Status : Expired

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

i am supposed to prove that i am damn free

[malacca trip horror movie poster attempt 1. finalized version is on facebook lol.] here i am.

Just so you know Mee Sedap w/ fried egg attempt 2 is friggin deng successful.
So I'm not very bad a cook after all.


and I terignored this page, the moment I started typing "I terignored this page, the moment I started typing" is already like an hour later already lol.

So the scholarship application is unsuccessful, Kijun's officially going to RMIT and I'm officially sailing my way to Sydney alone. I don't know whether to be happy or not. Yes very true I'm very excited about the whole idea of studying overseas, but it's always nice to know that you're not alone to start of with. Apart from this, tonnes of things needed to be done while I'm in KL and back in Perlis. Needed to accept the offer and start to do payment and enroll subjects, renew passport and update my cafe world. Mum is now a facebook game addict, imagine the day when she got her iPad.


I've been doing a lot of aktiviti gantung di luar. Needed to hangout with as many people as possible before I officially go back to Perlis. sigh, we need to go economical on the hangout already people I'm broking. hahahah (broke, ing.)

And I started twitting, again.
One thing about twitting is that personally I dont see the point twitting using a laptop cause usually, people do it via Iphone or mm, i mean, BB (wtf is mm) and I, for one have to go to twitter dot com then update it there which I felt quite damn a little bit not so much completely sakai. So another thing I can't wait to do overseas, tweet, like I mean it lol. and I successfully convince one lecturer to start tweeting with her iPhone mwahahaha I'm now a follower.

Heading back to Perlis this coming Monday, and going to camp at home for quite a number of weeks I don't know what to do. Maybe I should start watching all those movies I've gotten from Douglas and Kijun hmm.

piu piu piu piu piu piuuuuuuuuu

(p/s sophia i know you'll be reading this, good luck in your final crit and get well soon.)