Friday, January 27, 2006

Happy Holiday ! ! !

today onwards...chinese new year holiday's here!!! when i put my last step as i get down from bus, i shouted like maniac:"YAH ! ! ! ! CHINA ! ! ! !".....wahaha, giggles giggles giggles, i can't wait until that day come~~
today i recieved a contact list from our class rep. Justin the J Cube (Jacklyn, Jamal and Justin) which have all my new classmates email and address and Handphone munber... (by the way, Farah i was sorry to heard that your handphone has gone. Curse the guy that picked your handphone without returning to you..hehe...)after i reached hom, i terus open my computer and add all of thier email address in my MSN..then i started to remember my lunch at Asia Cafe just time which a bunch of my classmates...we have a great time there with Lil, Li Ee, Soo Qi,Justin, Sing Kwan, Doug, Nic, Tee, Seng Meng, Juin Ni(with the k)and Mariane.... i am totally satisfied with the Taylors A Level office for putting me in this nice wonderful warm class, everyone was so socialable, Sze Keat Alwin and Tinesh was so humerous...lots and lots of "Yi"in our class...Kah Yee Mun Yi Wan Yie Ji Yi Li prosper....

My gang from Perlis there..i am going back today, i'm not sure whether i have a chance to meet you all or not, but i'll try la k...miss you guyz a lot as well...
Friends from School Reporter, sorry for my absent to the Reunion Dinner... See you guys later lol...
My New Year Wish this year..Hope that my study at A Level will be soonsoon lili la~~
Lilian Too, how's my feng shui this year?

Happy New Year ! ! ! ! !


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