Friday, January 20, 2006

Staying at KL...i am looking forward to it.

sitting in the front of the monitor, starting to memorize those days i arrived here, a totally new and busy city, with ant-human and jams around, honks and buzzes from every different sized vehicle, so on and so on.The first day i arrived here, my family wiped off the last family trip memory( i really meant it, read my lips, FAMILY TRIP )that happened 10+ years ago at Melaka and we're walking around at KL ...duh. Facing KLCC the 1st thing we do ( as a Perlisian )--> Photos and photos and photos with hands of Vs', as my dad exploring the twin tower's structure, shape...duh everything..and then our photo-taking skills--flashes, the snaps, timer, everything. Kept lecturing and lecturing in front of us, almost forget what's the real meaning of TRIP and specifically FAMILY TRIP.Enjoying coffee in the Coffee Beans and Tea Leaf house, enjoy? no, no more.......
RM98.80 ! !.... almost RM100. Eyes bulged? yeah, totally. What a great shock when a few of Mocca and cappucino turns ot into a note of 100 when it changes back a ringgit and 20 cents? doesn't make any true sense at all, enjoy? it turns out to take nice care and treatment of every drops falling out from that straw...Damn. And then at night a nice walk at One-Utama PJ. Compare to The Store? Oh...Oh....Bloody hell ! ! I rather chop off my legs if you drop me a bet to walk around whole One-U GIGAMALL in 24 hours for RM 1000...too big you know~ Then a meal at Monk-Kok Restaurant, spitting out money as blood from our nostrills....keke...the whole day in two shopping malls was just nothing but--> money. PERIOD.

The following day, we had a grooming for our a chin-kam-shao-ye,me, still more more things awaits for me to learn, kakak's at perlis and i am moving away. Ironing, dishes, washing clothes, cooking and even learning how to clean the took half day to finish all those chores. by then my parents leaved, back to Perlis. I left a promise to them here to take care of myself properly and i will..As i waved my hand to them and saying goodbye, hundreds and hundreds of different feeling crushes into my mind.i felt happy as those pestering advices gone but still, i'm gonna miss them.
The next day, finally i done something right, Going to two different colleges for their "brochure". I dunno the real spelling but then it sounds like that. It's a briefing handbook that told you about the syllabus they teaches in their college, everything single subjects they offer and every single detail you can ask from their counselor. i tried HELP Institute first and i met Mr Saru, an Indian. He kept telling me how good's HELP,"98% of the students passed their A Levels""why are you doubting? ". THen i founded out that the time that i chosen to "ask" about A level was too late. They're having the orientation that day. i was like "WHAT?".. shocked when i found that and Mr Saru kept asking me to go to their orientation and tried to catchup what they're discussing and telling us about. Then i met a girl in there inviting to the orientation as well....but surprisingly i left. I threw my bets into Taylors, hope they never starts their orientation yet.
"King's Sky never let Hearted People disappointed".....HAHAHA...u know what i mean right..
(Clear Throat)

Ok back to the topic.
I asked about the A level at Taylors and luckily they never started the orientation yet.
So I received a lots of informations and books from them. THen when i reached home, one by one i counted their fees...shockingly, it's more than i thought...KL oh KL what a money-sucker...Well, i've made up my mind then no turning-back now, I chose a Maths+Further Maths+Physics+Economics set class...
Three days before i went for the sign-up to enter the Per Universities Studies class, my sisters and i finished watching 3 soap dramas....4 ppl was like idiots sitting in front of the monitor, and what we do whole day was changing disk, changing disk AND changing disk. Ten-brothers, In-Laws Wars, and Kam Chi Yok Yip....3 remarkable nice dramas, i like it very much since it filled up my time a lot as i stuck-ed in this house, nothing more to do for 2 days, SICKED ! ! ! ( sore throat+ headache+ coffing with tam inside and fever) the most hated combination..What a suffer as i sniffed and sniffed in front of the monitor...but then the 3 dramas was nice la, to know more imformation, log on to www.ask-me-the-chinese-name-of-the-drama-by-sms-then-i'll-tell to view...
Speaking about today, i went to the sign-up. Tragedy happened and happened.
The counseling was quite nice, but then he' spersuading to take another choice which included the subject i hated the most----KIMIA (thanks to Rootziyah)no lah, he's just trying to explain that engineering was highly-recommended to have Chemistry..i changed my mind.I picked that...without a real reason. Persuades accomplished, money paid, i'm done ( although the choice still be able to changed on the orientation )..
then we have dinner at my cousin's house, speaking to my 7th Uncle after the dinner, he told me many important things...
" Study what you like, then it makes you easier to score "
"Choose something that really can makes you shine, makes you EXCEL"
I know what i am , and i will take the choices back, i understand that i can't force myself to study chemistry just because i have totally no interest in it. Sorry to say but totally nil...SO, after learning a lot of useful nasihat, i was about to share to all of you here tonight...oh ,today.But then i can't actually remember what he told...or...i dunno how to tell you guys...hehe...
Coming to KL was quite boring, really, nothing to do just because the word
E X P E N S I V E...but then i'm looking forward to the college lifes..mostly.WITHOUT UNIFORMS!!!!


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