Thursday, February 23, 2006

The 2nd day on China..

that day was the most boring day during our trip. Woke up from bed, breakfast then off we go the a old building named Huang Herk Lou..The word "huang" is yellow, the word "herk"is a chinese flamingo that getting pupus now and the word "lou is building. So, the place was totally cool and freezing, the bus termometre shows that the temparature is 3 celcius...since my sweater luggage is missing, i was the one quite suffer a lot in the trip la (since my bro has a lot of fat)by then the place was beautiful, and classy. It is 4 floor high but the lift was broke down, so we have went up by STAIRS. You see this is nothing if the stair is straightaway bring us up there, but the stair here is all sticked to the wall and it's corner everywhere, if a staright staircase contains 20 steps, so this stairs contains 80 steps, we was all crawling up there, and the weather was badly COLD!!!! that time was the first time i really disappreciate the cold weather over China..Next we have lunch over an restaurant, and the lunch is one of the feature in our trip--"The Fish Dynasty" there're 9 dishes....9 DISHES!!!! and they're all FISH...recently still suffered from Fishiephobia...but the food was nice and we're totally full. The next place we visited is some sort of Chian Dynasty Castle. But is not actually a castle , it was like a guild, wars often happen over there then, the castle was mostly burnt, but the only thing return is the strong defence wall as the main entrance gate. There're 4 main gate over there. Inside the walls, there're statue of the Heroes like Zhang Fei, ZhuGeLiang and lots and lots of them..Oh Ya!! and one more thing, there's an antique over there which is a weapon, some sort of Spear left over there, the guide said that it is the only weapon that left from the war until nowaday..and we were all shocked,the spear is HUGE ! ! ! is like 2x bigger and heavier than the one we used to see in Wushu conpetition--and it's all steel...i wonder how the soldiers can lift this thing for fight. I think they might be killed before they can actually stab someone with this heavy thing. At outside of the palace, there're someone selling Chinese instrument, and we brought one.The flute is look like those Indian people use to seduce the snake, so called "latitoo"...we spent most of the day on the damn bus... spend 4 hours to this place, and then 5 hours to that place....damn boring then.but on the way to the destination, i found out that the villagers over here breed buffaloes more than cows, wonder why, but if i am not mistaken that was the 1st time i actually saw a buffalo.AT the night, we finally reach the cruise...The cruise is totally out of my regular thought,outwardly. But the royalty inwardly held me in awe. Is damn high class in there. And one more thing that i found is cute there, thier gymnasium, salon, massage station are all so mini-sized.There're six floor on the cruise, and the service was damnly perfect. Every crew over there welcome you with a nice warm smile...they are actually polite. For me, Chinese (China Chinese) were actually not that polite. They won't appologoze when they knock you down,shoulder by shoulder when you're walking on the street, and they won't even pickup your stuff for you..Plus, they spit EVERYWHERE ~~~~~Oh My GOD, there're landmines over the floor before we reach the safe-zone, the cruise. The room was smaller than i thought, but there're free aircon given as we open the balcony since the room only have the heater. And here we go the journey on the cruise...3 days...can we actually stand it?we'll see then....

*actually i should wrote this few weeks ago since my memory was still clear, but sometimes lazy and homeworks....sorryfor the postpone.....*


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