Saturday, February 25, 2006

Music Club Choir Audition~~I did it!!

I answered the phone, it is a girl. She me whether i will attend the audition for Music Club's choir. Without a doubt i say YES.
On the second day, i was waiting at the Cafeteria since the audition happen to be at the staff lounge. Then Anne came, Su-Ann came, they asked all the candidates to enter the lounge. That's also the first day i ever be a secretariat and this doubled my excitement.... I was like pesting Su-Ann and asking her all about what shud i copy down....Since i have no experience in writing a English report or minutes...
We first have the voice warm-up and we "ah-Ah-aH-AH-AHH~~""e-Ee-eE-EE-EEE~~~"

Then later Zee Kin arrived, he started pur audition today by asking the candidates sing National Anthem one by one~~ There's some of the candidates that day that perform first sang like pro...they was like opera singers... i just love singing and that's all...nil experience in singing choir like that kind of style.

"Anyone haven audited yet?"
He...he don't know i am one of the candidates cause i was walking around asking this and that...then slowly i raised my hand...

"Oh Felix!"

I stepped to the front and pretend like a opera singer and there i go...and i was finally catagorized as a

As the standard 6 level essays goes:
That was one of the happiest day in my life... "ONE OF THE"...ehehe..


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