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The 3rd 4th 5th and 6th day at China

We spent the next 4 days on the cruise…the cruise was not so high-classed outwardly, but inwardly yeah it’s nice. The waiters are all around you as you gently raised your hand, they greet you anywhere. Everyday, the cruise stopped at a particular place for us to visit. I miss those days on the cruise…

The Three Gorges

We are sailing through 3 big gorges that combine into Yang-Tze River. Between these days we past a lot of meaningful mountains and hills..

-The Dam of three Gorges.
China is recently building this big dam to generate more sufficient electric power. But this dam caused a lots of residents have to move higher since their houses are going to be covered as the water level raises. The sum of the residents that have to move is about 2 millions…. 2 MILLIONS!!! Oh my gosh…. But this is the opportunity cost of more power generated for their daily life. What can we say?

-The Twelve Peaks
There’re twelve high and beautiful peaks located at part of the first gorge. Xi-Ling Gorge.
There’s one of the mountain named The Goddess ’ Peak. According to the Myth, the twelve peaks are The daughters of the Queen of the Heaven. These twelve fairies transformed themselves into the twelve peaks, as the most beautiful fairy among the twelve siblings, the fairy transformed into this peak. The peak has a long but small stone at the top of the peak, and the people said that that’s the goddess. The stone is rooted over there, although people always’ predict that the stone will fall sooner or later…There’s another peak name Dragon Spine Peak, it’s a line straight from the top to the foot. It’s very cool because it really looks like a dragon spine.

Tze-Chuan “Switching Faces”
We watched this in the cruise in the night, it was very cool. It’s like a wave then the mask will change to another. Then the guy was asking a people from the audience to the stage ad stand in front of him, he just change it like THAT. Cool, very very cool.

Feng-Du, the ghost town
This town was ghostless actually; the town was divided into two parts—The heaven and the Hell. The heaven is now under-construction…hahahaha weird huh? Heaven is under construction. So we visit the hell. We passed a temple before enter the hell. The temple’s name is “Humph-Ha” temple. They say when ghost attack you just say “Humph-Ha!!!” Then they will away from you. Before we enter the hell, we all recite “HUMPH-HA” together…it was funny. Totally stupid~~ we have to pass 3 parts of test to check whether we should be there or not (to be in hell when we’re dead la) 1st is the Bridge. There are 3 bridges over there, we have to walk the middle one first, and they said that male starts with left leg and girls from another. If you are married and you want to be couples after you reincarnate, both of you grab each other’s hand and walk 7 steps, only 7 steps, not much and not less than 7. Next you have to choose whether the left bridge or the right bridge, left’s wealth and right is health, the slower you walk on the bridge you choose, the more you get, and you only can choose one bridge. Obviously, all of us chose the Health Bridge, and I walk damn slow…one of the trip-mate was laughing at me, saying that I wanna stay alive until my grand-grandson get married…. People that walked slowly spent maybe 2 minutes, ladies and gentlemen, I SPENT 6!!! Hahahaha… Then we have to pass a Door test, we have to raise our leg high without touching the wood below the door, if we accidentally touched it, the souls and ghosts will follow us, and the last test, we have to step on a opal one-legged and face up- eyes to eyes with the Hell King statue for 3 seconds, which means we have a clear conscience. I also bought the wood-carved ghosts as the souvenirs for my classmates…. I was nearly cheated while I was in the souvenir shop inside the town as the tauke over there sold me 15RMB per statue. And I directly cut the price until 5 RMB each, is a deal. And I brought another set outside the town, Gosh! 4RMB each!! Luckily I managed to cut down the price, or else, Walau~~ Damn not worthy lo..

That’s all I can remember.
It was wonderful.
Then we spent the last day shopping, the shirt’s was also worthy there. There’s a shop having New Year’s discount sales, 90% off!!! Wow, I brought some shirts and a jean there, satisfied.
As we waiting for the flight at Guangzhou, our flight delayed again.

Then when I was back to school, I told my friend, Piao Cheng which visited China also while Chinese New Year that my flight delayed for 2 hours, he’s? 10 hours!!!! Hahahaha…. waiting at airport like hell. And I should be thankful.


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