Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Chill la...? No way...

Today is a special day for me. Piao Ching gave me a nice warm morning suprise when he forgotten to bring my further maths work that have to paass up to Mr Wong ! ! ! As he is sitting behind me, a sudden " Oh No~" chilled down my bones...I turned my head back, he's smiling..

" I bring 3 files.....I left it the homeworks at home."
"Sorry a...lip tat..dun look at me like that la"
"PIAO CHING !! How? Where's is your work?"
"Sir, I swear to god, i really got do, but i left it at home."
Then the everyone laughed.
"Felix, felix, after this class, beat him up"said Farah..
Recently, Piao Ching is always spotted by every teacher as if they are all fell in love with him, especially Mr Wong. You know what, Mr Wong mentioned the word "PIAO CHING" for more than 4 times in 60 minutes... Well Piao, how nice...a teacher caring about his lovely student....hahaha you Bangladesh slave ! ! ! He always called me slave or lip-ass or lip, so i called him ching-ass and Bangladesh slave as a pay-back, how nice. However, he is still a nice person la, i am not hating him...
And then during LAN class, i receive another warm suprise by Mr.Lanciao Arivom told us that we have to pass-up our assignment this Thursday, which iS TOMORROW ! ! ! Students at the lecture hall was chatting and discussing to each other in panic. No one was ready for this. Our leader , Pik Ying asked me about the progressment and i have to send to her later on for her to check. Sorry a Sam, wasted your time to check again. Then we have the most stupid-est LAN test today, he's gaving us the question by the projector. Then if people make noises, he will directly skip to the next wuestion. The hall is damn big and there's thonnes of students there ( although most of them love to ponteng LAN ) of courses there will be some whispering sound over here and there.So he's like threatening the students as he changed pages, then the students will " NnNnNoOoOoO~~~~~!!!" Then he'll put the paper back again. These act repeated many times also as the we can't help whispering to each other, coping each other's answer...From today onward, i hate LAN.
Then during Math's second period, i was doing nothing but chit-chatting with Farah. Then when we talk about chinese, she told me that she studied chinese before during her Kindagarden and Primary school life, I was so shocked so i asked her whether she still remember some. She said she forgotten most of them but she just remember one...which is" Wo Yao Her Shui "---i want to drink water. Oh my god, i didn't expect she can only say THIS special sentence. She said that she have to memorize it because without this sentence, she can't drink water in her class.. When she spoke this, i can't help myself laughing all the way.. Then she was like " I can write 1~10" but she stop at 3. Then she wrote " ren"--human...She also told me that her ex-classmates pronounced her name as "Huala"..Goobs!...Huala=Farah...what a big big difference. But still, her way to write chinese is still better than normal Malays la, although i expect more.... keep on going a Farah...i was waiting for a day when we really can chat in Chinese...ehehe....Go Go Farah !!!
Then before i went home, i went to the Music Club meeting and after that, i attend the A-Capella audition and i first met Matthew. He's nice. There's 6 of us over there, 1 gurl 5 boyz and because Mat and me are in a rush of time, o i have to sing to him first, i sang "16 going to 17" as i sang it in crooner style.( Hope it sound like a crooner) then before i left, we also sang the Coca-cola theme song " Du-du-du-du-du-du-du, Coca Cola~" i love singing a lot, joining Music club choir and A-capella group really fun.....
As i reached home, quickly i tooka bath and started my LAN project thanks to Mr-Ari.
Now...finally i sent my work to Sam, i believe she's now checking (thanks Sam)...
College's fun? or suffer?
2 days....2 days more, my favourite American Idol's coming!! Last week , Jose was elaminated and i was so shocked. Hopefully american use eye-mo and clean thier ears before they watch..Make sure Kevin, Elliot and Kelly safe to the end.. What can i say...To Much Talent this year !!!
surfing the net, looking for Elliot's version of " Moody's mood for love"...i miss that performance.