Sunday, March 19, 2006

Classic Post from my unused Friendster Blog : Sad Sad Days among my Moon Face

This is a Classic man...! ! !
( i mean the post, the moonface is still there. Sigh...)
Recently my friendster read this post that posted like 1 year ago, and she laugh like hell..wonder why... as i am still frustrating with these pimples...
Talking about pimples, guess what ? My school Magazine "Masarau" 2006 was printed out and we recieved it. Every form 5 student picture are printed on it as well. With thier names address and Motto. I found one of my friend's motto which was damn Lame and funny...
There goes...


and i can't believe they actually printed it out!
Oh God~~ Tak percaya? i can show it to you if there's a chance.

Now, there goes my classic post.

Sad Sad Days among my Moon Face
I categorized it as current affair. Hmm, me VS pimples... nice.
i still can remember the days at form 2 when i recieve one nice nice present from the pimple coopreration---a nice pimple on my cheek.
Then i was nuts, so so so nuts that i grin like a maniac and show it to everybody around the school. Stand for mature? Ha HA HAA!!! Definitely not on me. Since there're still sum crazy person celebrate his first pimple with joy,i am not quite suitable to the "mature" but still," nuts".
Then days by days, the pimple's popularity kept on increasing,
and they were so so hardworking.....
Then pop pop pop pip pip pip pap pap pap piak piak piak....

They're now all around my face, no, all asquare my face, since i was a square head then...
( that makes sense. )

After pimples, here comes the facial foam as the superheroes that might save the face.....
Johnson Baby, Olay, SK2(i tried once on the pom pom pom one) and 2 doctors facial foam....
but ,
now i am still waiting 4 the day they fed up with me and retired then go to somewhere else...mayb some other people's face.
Thanks for ur cooperation but for now, PLS JUS GO!!
-the end-
Impressive? Nah, thats a piece of cake .. ( did anyone said that's impressive ?)
fooyoo.. I posted this post again here, mainly because they're stubborn.
They're still there ! ! !
So sad...when you found out your own face is like the surface of the ground with hills and volcanoes over there...
Sigh... People always comfort me that the annoying things are getting less from my face.
hope so.
Now, i was like washing my face damn hardworkingly every day and night.
Just because of you.
You you you you annoying thing.
Quote from my post : PLS JUS GO !!


Anonymous Seok Kheng said...

LOL. Wakakaka. All asquared your face. =D

P/S: Don't worry dude. Keep up the good job. That isn't everything too.

March 25, 2006 at 4:35 AM  

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