Monday, April 24, 2006

Ahh...It sucks

Today is the last day for us to touch up our backdrop for Musical Night.We have to do it publicly under the big hot sun at outside of Student Services. Though we are still under one roof, it is still freakin hot. Then suddenly recieved a bad news which is " No More White~" We need white....for EVERYTHING. I started to get panick and wandering around. Jac and Sherly was complaining about the white demanding. sun, complains, helpless...ARRGGGHH!! Seok Kheng and Darren went out looking for a paint. I was kept comforting both the helpers to draw other stuff. Anne's here, she's fine. The SHE ( EeVee, Hiang Qian and Moong Li, oh! Qiang Mei..)are here too.Luckily someone accompanied me , the very impatient me to go and look for a new WHITE paint.
We spent so much money at your shop buying those paint, and you didn't keep one tinee weenee white for us?
As I was scolding the aunt for not keeping the paint for us (poor auntie) Nicholas was like shocked beyond words. "Aiyo Felix, kenot say like that one, she also dunno ma." Mm? Whoa Nic,suits you for being that nice. Speaking of being nice, Shin Ying..Oh! She's the Polite-est person i Ever Ever see! For example :She's phoning her dad..
"Hello, daddy a?"
"Daddy ha? Hello Daddy!............."
"Alright daddy,
thank you daddy,
bye bye daddy."
I don't even talk to my fierce father like that, i was like just directly cup-off the phone after a easy bye. Cause my mum seldom say byebye to us in phone, so i was like shocked that these kind of polite-like-hell person still exists!Back to my topic, me, Hiang Qian and Moong Li walk damn damn damn far then finaly found a hardware shop and buy it. By the way, we went there twice, i forgot to bring my wallet and Hiang Qian too. She has to turn back and retrieve it again.At that very time, i only have half nice mood left.Finally i got the paint and rusj back to college to finish the drawing, Sherly and Jac is gone. Thunderstruck, i asked Qiang Mei to call them back again. As i was getting frustrated of the drawingg, Zee Kin was like waving his hand and asked me to go in the cafeteria for the meeting. At that very time, i was very angry and i stomped in. I CAN'T LEAVE HER ALONE DO ALL THE STUFF!! I started to have butterflies in my stomach, flying around and moving my legs to kick Sandra's. I didn't actually paid attention to the meeting, i was like let me out, i want to finish my drawing. My brainactivate outstandingly as it quickly absorbed what Zee Kin need to tell and i applied for a early leave.Everyone's there waiting for the white and finally at the very evening, we finished touch up our drawing. I was very satisfied with it, started to having good mood and face the dirty sticky me. Wonder why today too much people apologized to me, Sandra, Shin Ying, Cher Hui, Zee Kin and Anne.Everyone was like "Sorry i can't help""sorry for helping nothing here""Sorry..""..."Forget it, somehow, i no, WE already finished the drawing, just heep the apology to ourself, for everyone that gave moral supports and real helps, the credits of my own is coming out at the end of this post. During we are doing our very last painting--The Nemos. One of *****'s Top 5 of the most hated person appeared and talked bullshit and comment this and that about our painting, Today i treated it rudely,i asked it to shut up, i asked it to leave us alone and let us finish the stuffs first. Everyone's right about it, it is annoying. mood started to get more down as Jac and Sherly left and my painting finally finished. The cleaning part was damn frustrating, i wasked the paintbrushes and pails and collect the newspaper and this and that. I hate doing this part. THe most energy-wasting part. At that very time i was sweated, hungry, thristy,exhausted, everything. After a loud lauh of seeing Sandra being locked in the cafeteria trying to talk with Valentino by phone. Poor Anchor...but it is funny. The Zee Kin and Darren and Seok Kheng and Shin Ying Su Ann everyone came for observation. Then they left.I have to think of a plan to keep the cloth dry quicker, i have to keep it to the carpark cause it seems that it is going to rain, I was 75% sweaty at that time. i Hate it cause my body is sticky. I just dun like the feeling. Everyone's packing to go home as i asked Zee Kin to fetch me to KTM.They planned to go to eat, so they keep thier stuffs up and i was waiting for the cloth to dry, impatiently. I can't wait anymore, i am late for the KTM. Quickly i folded up the half wet cloth and tried to keep it into the storeroom Oh My God the room door is so small, i tried to protect my cloth and also squeez the f****kin cloth in there and Great, I ruined it. The nemo part is damn messed up. I am so sad and thinking of crying out loud in the storeroom. I was a wet-pillow as i was small, i always cry if i was scolded, blackmailed, even scolding people, I just can't resist my tears at that time. Walking out to the carpark , i found that i am alone, everyone's gone. I asled bgurl and she said Zee Kin left.
i am exhausted,
my leg crampedand it is killing me,
i am sweaty
and i am broke.
It is so sad i have only RM 4.20 in my pocket,wasted RM3 for the train ticket and the rest is also not enough for me to buy a Drink! It is so hell. and i told Sandra how pissed off i am at that time. Hopefully she'll be reading this.Pissed off ! ! Feeling like scolding everyone now! *Currently recharging my IPod Nano.*
*It worked, finally*
*Brother is playing Ragnarok and i am observating*
*Musical Night is coming soon and i have to solo in Ave Maria. It is so tense.*
Here comes the credit.
thank you for what you've done for decortion part, the cloth the paint the idea, everything.You are the one that help me the most in this project. I can't explaing how thankful i am to have you as a friend. Thank you honestly.
Seok Kheng,
without your recommedation i am still nothing, nothing to do with the decoration. Thanks for believing in me and trusted me all the way.Long Live Raccoon!
Zee Kin,
thanks for the moral support and thanks for fetching me to KTM everytime. But i am going to abuse you for more time sauce i am so sure i am going to need you to fetch me there..Hehe...
Jacqueline and Sherly,
I know both of you in this project.
you are the best. thanks for helping out,without you,the backdrop is going to be a jun, a TOTALLY JUNK.
thanks for helping out as well.Your suggestion by experience is very nice and useful. Sorry for wasting your time everyday to help us finish the drawings.
For both of you , pls receive this 90 degree bow and a loud THANK YOU from me.
Nicholas, EeVee, Hiang Qian, Moong Li, Darren, Qiang Mei, Shanq Yeet, the flutist, Shin Ying, Yee Yen, and another friend of Sandra that left her physic notes on the cloth that Saturday.Thank You all.I am sorry to dirt your clothes, your hands just to help me finish the stuffs,i wonder when am i goin to finish it without you all.Thanks for being with me when i met problems here.Sincerely,thank you.And Sincerely again thank you for helping me out here.Sorry for those who helping me outbut still i didn't stated down your name,but this proved that i was trusted by you all,that's why you all willing to help
Thank you again for everything.Ahh! Joiced again!


Blogger s.a.n. said...

hey felix!!

so touched when i read ur post haha. is okay lah...u're most welcome. i din really do much anyways. hehe.

btw..don't get pissed off at useless ppl anymore. wasting time, energy and er..sweat. die faster. grow older faster oso.

also, the flautist's name is mae ann, and my fren with the physics book is edine. LOL.

bye dude! hahaha

April 26, 2006 at 1:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha, i didnt do much, don need to thank me until like that

like you said, i kept 'disappearing' so i guess i wasnt much help

anyway thank you for helping me with dream yesterday

April 26, 2006 at 12:40 PM  
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Anonymous Seok Kheng said...

Hope you are better now. Sorry I couldn't help much. As my art really sucks. All I could do is just to get pail and white paint. LOL. =P

May 2, 2006 at 9:52 AM  
Blogger Fheereex said...

thanks so much help for geting me white paint and pail!!
that's a lot for a raccoon!!!
thank you

May 3, 2006 at 3:05 PM  
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