Saturday, April 15, 2006

Come And Fetch me

You know, SMS comes very handy in nowadays life, as ppl all thinking ways to savethier daily expenses. With SMS, people really save a lot in thier telecommunications expenses. (Form 5 essays....)
Alright, what i really want to emphasis is a case which happens on me.
I had a small quarrel with my sister becayse i asked her to come to KTM station and fetch me.
Because i emphasis on the wrong word in my SMS.

I sent her : come and fetch me.
She said : WALAU! You tot u r the boss meh, order me like that.

Oh well, innocent me.

So there's a few example to show different emotions through sms.

1) Come and fetch me.
-As if you are the boss and ask your servant to come and fetch you.

-As if you are a bossy, cocky boss that in a bad mood EVERYDAY. and ask your driver to come and fetch you.

3) PLS, come and fetch me.
-He/She don't want to come and fetch you, but you have no choice although you hate hin/her. And he/she make you beg him/her.

4) come and fetch me, PLS.
-You don't want he.she to come and fetch you, but you have no choice.

-You are asking your little brother to tell your mum to do so. You spelt every single word.

6)come and fetch me pls.
-As if he/she ought to come and fetch you, it is already a fact.

7)come and fetch me, PLS~~~
-poor you have to beg he/she to come and fetch you. You tried to act like a small cute cat ask for help as if you are going to meow.

- ? ? ? Just ignore him.

9) pls come and fetch ME.
-You are the VIP that has to be fetched. Otherwise youare goin gto be kidnapped. As if.

and the last one...

10) C@mE & fEtCh M5, P($.....
-For those who really recieved this sms..
a) The sender's trying to show his/her artistic talent, but they failed.
b)He/She's not in a rush, Take your time and poke the carkey into the hole, s~l~o~w~l~y


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