Sunday, April 30, 2006

Cool ~ ~

Yesterday night was so cool...
It was 12 in the noon. I look at the clock, wondering when the heck my parcel is going to arrive. Oh man, it promised me to reach before twelve, and he better keep his promise, or else i'll gut him like a pig. Finall my parcel arrived, after heaving a deep deep sigh of relief, i unpacked it. Hmm... White shirt with collar, black long pants and black shoes. Tick tick and tick. Thanks Mum for mailing ALL......these stuff that i need today! Just in time.
The KTM is delayed, again. The komuter electric cabel has runnning out of electricity (wtf am i talking about?) Kabel terputus. Sorry for the wrong translation. Anyway, it took me an half an hour to finally sqeeze myself into the komuter and i am damn damn late.On the way to Subang, met Leon on the komuter. He's really quiet though, and i finally found out the one the having the samn LAN class with me is not him, but his twin brother. We took the cab and hopefully when i reach campus, they haven finish pracising. Out of my imagination. they even haven't start practising. Really a, punctuality. I hate those people that promised to reach in time and made me wait without any suitable reason.Fauzi is there, Anne is there too. Finally we used the grand Piano and sing along with Fauzi. He's rapping and we're singing the chorus.
And then we practise our sons again and again and well at least that's what i was pleased to see, the result is very well. Hopefully we didn't make any mistake tonight. Oh well, then people are leaving to have thier ownself changed. And at that very time, i found out everone, ALMOST everyone's wearing long sleeve and i was the only one (before Ting Feng and Ho Sheng arrive) that wearing short sleeve. Makes me look like a secondary prefect man.By then it rained. Oh well, after having my meal, Seok Kheng gave me a new job which is take care of those money and ticketing for tonight. We set up our booth at the guardhouse and waiting for people to arrived..

The sky is getting darker and people are started to gather around the MPH. Mean while poor me, Yee Yen and Weng Soon is still at the guardhouse. This is not,definitely NOT what the schedule planned. Where are the people that coming to replace us. Then we heard yelling, emcee's voice and then CARL's PERFOMANCE!!!! He's playing Under The Sea. After his perfomance finished, THEN 3 gurls came and replace us. I watched the String Enssamble, and i like it, although after that performance they kept saying they've made a lot of mistake, maybe i am not good in the listening part but overall i like it a lot.Next up is the rock band. I didnt actually paid attentionon rock band part, since i don't have a base idea on how to appreciate it. In the other side, the choir gurls are shouting like hell,especilly Anne. People kept complaining to me and asked me to find sumone to replace them. I was like what the *toot*, i ain't incharging that. When the emcee introduced Valentio for his perfomance, i recieved the third call. Chun Yen said he don't want to miss this perfomance and asked me to find sumone to replace them. Gosh, no one want to miss this perfomance, especially the gurls, Valentio's fans was shouting like hell on the gallery and i asked the person in charging about the shift, they don't even care. Big deal, i walked down to the guardhouse and asked those standing there to go in.And yeah, i missed Valentio's perfomance, well though i can hear his voice down there, not quite a big loss also la. He's very good, talented and he's 17. Same age with me, but much better than me. I am totally impressed.
Then some rock bands somemore...Then's Fauzi's turn. When he's singing Berhenti Berharap at the front stage, the choir get prepared at the back stage. After a soft shout of go go go, the curtain opened and everyone started to sing following Anne's snap.After performing this song, quickly we ran up to the gallery and watched Fauzi sand Beyond's song, shouting his name up there, it's really fun.

I forgot when but I just know that Carl passed me his coat and i know it's our turn now. My legs was not shaking, i am jsut getting excited. As the curtains opened again, i was standing at the front, and lead the whole choir to sing Ave Maria by Andrea Bochelli. It was great but at the last lyrics, i nearly lose my breath and can't stay long, my sister said he saw that from my face, hopefully the others didn't discover that. Then people starts yelling when we sang "The Mighty Jungle", too bad the whole performance is too short, is like only 5 minutes...Oh well, at least i am so satisfied with our own performance! It is so cool to perform on stage!!

The Krumping Dance was cool too, while we're practising our songs at LT5, Annie and Samantha just can't paid full attention since the cute little kid from thier dancing group caught thier attention. Then while we're singing "The Mighty Jungle", they're dancing and acting animal at the back, it's really nice to have them in last night perfomance. They reallt rockz! There's a muscular fella doing head spin. Totally suprised that he can actually spin for that long time, it was like spin and spin and spin and spin and spin. My hand was like continuing clapping and clapping for them, thumbs up and i totally like it.

For the whole night, the choir group was like crazy fellas running up and downs shouting and yelling around try to make the audience high. My oh my, as the Uglymenz band is jamming, we was lead by Seok Kheng, the Uglymenz fan, shouting jumping dancing and having a crazy fun there, We send two peoples at once to pull every crew and dance, Sandra, Ting Feng and others are the victims...Even Miss Yeap and Ms. Shirley dance too... (A classic jump kneel by Seok Kheng the crazy raccon after Uglymen pluck thier last string.)Everyone's having fun. Then's finally is Vick's turn, singing a lot of songs and then with piano performance, singing Walking Away, If I Ain't Got You and Getaran Jiwa. The Duet of Fauzi and Vizk in If I Ain't got You is marvelous..Oh yam while He's singing Superwoman, Annie was invited up stage by Vick himself, Annie should be in cloud nine at the very moment. She looked funny there awkwardly don't know what to do.

Before we left, i still remember me myself found out that too many people are 17 too. Jia Wei , Melody, HoSheng and Valentio. It was like so cool when 5 of us chat together. Still, i am the youngest!! Muahahaha~~ But then Ho Sheng said i looked older than my brother. Damn~ Oh ya,Anne called my brother "koko"..*speechless*

Woke up in 12 today, it was the brand new record as i slept for half of the day.
Musical Night was fun although there're a lot of unhappy stuffs happens before last day.
Oh Well, forget about it , at least we're so happy that night.
Right, raccoon? Anchor?
So proud of ou guys...
You guyz rocks!!!

*Currently humming "Dream"*


Anonymous Raccoon @ SeOk KhEnG said...

Weeeee... ^_^

May 2, 2006 at 9:43 AM  
Blogger Fheereex said...

stands for?
raccoon won't wee....

May 2, 2006 at 12:40 PM  
Anonymous Anne Ng said...

wei wei wei!!! am i that loud that night? are you sure? i'm not the only one who was shouting and clapping lar. we have to enjoy ourselves lar right? AND why cannot call your brother koko ar? then? call him uncle? hai yo!!! lame lar you!

May 4, 2006 at 2:33 PM  
Blogger Fheereex said...

my brother also felt wierd when you call him koko...
is like, so not padan..
call him lip tat's brother la..

May 4, 2006 at 7:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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