Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Exhausted. Physically and Mentally.

Today supposed to be a holiday as usual for me. I woke up at 9. Look left, look right. Cool , they all went to college, which means i am alone at home now. Home alone. Slowly walk downstairs, my first sight is the computer. I didn't brush my teeth, i didn'twash my face and i didn't took my bath. Directly i onlined and continued my RO quest.. Lazy to do everything. As my acolyte is walking around fighting those undead monster. I started to link my mind to the piano which is just beside the computer. Ah, tomorrow is the piano lesson, i didn't practise my scales and the Autumn Crocus 2nd page yet...Ah, Tomorrow la. Then i have a nice look of those notes beside me, Ah, Econs, Physics and my maths....Further Maths....Today...can't la, have to go to meet Sandra at college...OH YA! Today have to bring the freaking cloth and have to started to get prepared already...die die die die die. I smsed Sandra, having a thought that she havent woke up yet...Mana tau, she already at college. Oh Ya! She's SAM student.. Padan muka have to go to school some more~~ The clocked showed 11. Whoa~ I havent ate anything. Cook? .. Nah, i still can stand for a few more hours. Lazy to touch the dirty frying pan. Fine then, i get myself ready..and off i let the house to be totally empty,Taking the big damn heavy (but not very) 4.8m*6.6m baby blue cloth along.

I met Prashand on the way to college. He's going to tuition, for Chemistry. Speechless. Plus, the first thing i learned today,as he told me that college-level extra tuition fees is RM350 per month if you do it by 1-on-1. Speechless again. He said that he's lucky that he's tuition fees is RM40 per tuition. Speechless , again and again and again. RM40 per tuition, which means maximumly RM40*4=RM160 !! This is KL. Ah~I've forgotten. Then started to remember the past as my friends and I kept complaining that my SPM form 5 English tuition fees of RM49 per month is damn killing. And now... I sigh after a big big whoa.

I reach Subang and experienced the fist time go to College by taxi. Is kinda scary, cause I was the first to approach the taxi driver and I told him my destnination and i get locked inside the car, as if i was kidnapped. The Indian taxi driver was wearing a black sunglasses as if he's the big fella that ordered by boss to guard beside the taxi and not to let me go away. By the way, the journey cost me RM5. and it hurts....

Okay, i reached college and i phoned Sandra, she's in the MPH hall practising the string enssamble performance that are going to be tomorrow for the shcolarship giving ceremony.Then i went to ECA office and met Miss Shirley, she's funny and humorous. I like her. She told me to use a empty class to start my backdrop sketching.I left my cloth there,I went Asia alone and ate a nice long-time-no-eat curry mee!!! I missed the boneloss curry chicken~ Gosh, HEAVEN~~

Touching my tummy, i walked back to MPH hall. I saw Zee Kin inside, waving his hand ask me to go in. He saved me from the cruel blazing hot sun and MPH is so cool~~i mean "air-coned cool"They're practising The Arrival of Queen of Sheeba. I like the song in string style. Very classy.4 ppl are performing tomorrow, Sandra, Zee Kin, Kai Yin and another gurl named.....Wendy? I forget already, but she's the collest part, she plays Cello and she looks cool. "Look cool" Then Zee Kin left for tuition and i have nothing to do , i asked Sandra whether i can go and sit at Zee Kin's seat which is on stage. She nodded. I rushed up there and sit on ZK's place, grabbing his violin and act like a moron. The second thing i learned today is, whether you are left handed or right handed, the violin is always on your left side. One of the helpers, i wonder what her name is, get on the stage and marked our's(not actually "our's") (our's include ZK instead of me ) seats for tomorrow's stage position.Helpers over there, (include princess D, Doug)asked us to performed again. I was like " Okay" but i was the one, putting the violin on my lap and kept starring at the score. Beyond the performance, the main part has gone, as i dunno how to play violin. Then the helper found out i am not the performer. It is fun., but it is hard as for a left handed to get use to grab your violin with your left hand and control your usually-unused-right hand to play the music...

We walked to ECA to help them keep thier instruments as on the way kept been insulted as a pesting ant..Sandra AKA could you~ We met Double-M-MeggiMee as we were walking into the office. She greeted Sandra, and that's the wierd part. I thought Sandra herself also shocked but she greeted back as well. Sandra and I walked in, we met KH. KH said hi to us, (supposely to US) i felt wierd again. Aren't he ......What the.....Why? I kept full-silent in the office, quickly i keep the instruments in the room, saying thank you for 5 times, and we left.

Me and Sandra headed to 2.1 to settle our cloth. We pushed the tables all together and tried to open the cloth . The blardy hell(Sandra, is "bloody") cloth was damn big and the room is simply too small. It is 5.35pm now. We headed to MPH, trying to lent the hall for a while to sketch the cloth, and blardy hell again, it rained. Luckily the nice OL let us use a part of the hall to do our stuff. Quickly we open the cloth and it is blardy hell, again , real big. I wrinkle my fingers (hmm?) into my pencil case and find a pencil to start draw as Sandra was like pulling the cloth here and there to let the cloth be flat enough instead of waving around and act as the obstacle of letting us draw on it.We bared pooted(pooted? actually is footed.) and stepped on it.Then as I standing at a edge of the cloth, i looked at it, It looked relaxing , suprisingly, the two workers that suppose to settle the stage decorating for tomorrow event and Sandra herself as the witnesses, I JUMPED AND ROLLED AROUND THE CLOTH. It is relaxing it really is, but it is embarassing as well. The feeling was like you are rolling aroung the New Zealand's green wide meadow... I just can't control myself to do so. Sandra was like asking me about the tracing part," Felix, is this ok?" I dived myself to the flag and rolled to her, talking to her by lying on the cloth. Even Sandra herself instead of sitting, squating, she lied on the cloth as well!! The cloth is just very comfatable to lie on, really. Luckily we managed to reach our target before MPH officially close or we're chased out. Plus, we folded the cloth nicely. 4.8m*6.6m cloth was folded and put nicely into a plastic bag, it is just, NICE.

I had my dinner and Sandra's breakfast+Lunch+Dinner at Asia.Both of us was like competing to each other, passing the notes to the waiter.

" SANDRA!!!"
"No! No Need"
"I'll pay you back"
"No Need!!"
"Take this...."
(pushing each other's note back to thier own side..)
The waiter kept mine and Sandra passed her note on her hand to me...Aiyoh~ Mafan a u Sandra~ We ate a Pizza and i tasted Orange+Pineapple juice. It is ....sweet, kinda too sweet, i tasted nothing on my Milo ice. We discussed a lot of stuff over there, about the Musical Night, about the CIHTM top 5, about...everything. Sandra was not in a good mood that she told me waht happened to her that made her pissed off. I can't believe that person really did that to her, the chubby innocent Ancho Beer. (Woohoo. Sandra's floating.)I left the cloth to San and we left. Totally exhausted, physically and mentally. And the Blardy hell, again , the bus is damn late, AND THE KTM DELAYED!!! My body is like damn sweaty and sticky and i hate that felling.

Now sitting in from tof the monitor, counting my inbox messages. Whoa, 16 Sandra's messages. Sorry a, pestering you almost everyday. Innocent Anchor.
OhYa! I brought BrokeBack Mountain DVD today..

I was act alone on the KTM. Stands for, " I'm on a journey."

With or without me, they're practising hard...

muahaha...c how i conquer you big cloth!


Anonymous Seok Kheng said...

LOL. Just read this. Funny but, at the same time, feel so sorry to leave you guys all alone. Sob sob sob. Anyway, really thanks lot! =)

April 19, 2006 at 2:54 AM  
Blogger Fheereex said...

nvm nvm
sandra really help me a lot..
thanks sanchor~

April 19, 2006 at 10:38 PM  

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