Saturday, April 01, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!!

Yesterday when i reach home from school, i was still not in a good mood. But then i saw my aunt who was just returned from supermarket bringing a lots and a lots of stuff, but she left again later to my uncle house, wonder why. Yesterday i helped my sister to cook our dinner without counting my aunt---instant mee. Poor us~~ I was like waiting for my turn to use internet as my brother lept sitting in front of the computer as his flash project is reaching the deadline. His Naruto flash is kinda impressive actually, wish him all the best la. 10.30 pm, watching American Idol results, the contestants that week didn't perform well. But i like the songs they chosen, Because Of You, The voice within, I don't want to be and Wanna Praise You...haha...and Kelly Pickler sang a cute song..OMG!! Katherine is in the bottom 3 ! ! I was trembling from head to toe, honestly! And they send Ace Young back to the competition which comes down to Katherine and Lisa Tucker. Luckily my Katherine is still in, but why? why they elaminate Lisa rather then Bucky? sigh sigh sigh~ Lisa sang back the song she chosen "Because Of You"as her last performance at American Idol. Juin Nik smsed me, wishin me Happy Birthday.After then i watch Survivor Exile Island... when are you going to finish?omg...u took too much time to do the stupid flash thing la...Luckily this week La Mina won...phew..i hate dat guy named Shane from Casaya, he's insane...then suddenly my brother ask me to go to the kitchen.Aha, time. As what i had expected, a Häagen-Dazs ice cream cake with fruits showed up in front of my eyes...
actually i accidentally saw the cake box while cooking dinner juz now..
i pretended to be suprised...
Then suddenly my aunt said
" This is the present from your mum."
She handed me a box.i read the box clearly,
I....Ipod....Ipod Nanooo...1 gb sum...more~~
I throughly shout like hell at the kitchen, Thank you mum, really Thank you!!!!!thank you so much for the present!! The cake was nice, and the present is the sweetest present i ever recieved these 17 years!! I phoned my mum and thanked her, from the bottom of my heart i swear i must put efforts in my studies so i won't let her down...
Tonnes of friends blessed me that night
I am so blessed. Thank you guys for still remembering the existence of me, The very idiotic small me.

i slept at 4 last night observing and checking the usage of this freak...

I bring along my mp3 and went to Subang today. Having a date with Seok Kheng and Sandra, we decided to walk around Subang Jaya and find some sponsors over there.(On the way to Ktm , thanks Li Ee for wishing me happy birthday) but when i reached campus i din see anyone of them waiting for me. I phoned Seok Kheng, no one answer. I phone Sandra, she's at Secret-Resipe. I wonder shy she don't to come and find me, since i already reach, she asked me to wait for Seok Kheng. Then Seok Kheng called, she asked to wait for her, she's taking a bath and come to meet me soon. So i was like a sohai walking around the campus and the shops nearby, i met Juin Nik then Mariane. Juin Nik wished me a Happy Birthday and he's goin to Sunway Pyramid for another movie; Mariane didn't mentioned anything about my birthday just now, but she's goin to meet her friends at Asia Cafe.


i walk to My Place, hoping can meet Seok Kheng earlier there.
I smsed her " Cicak, washing golden body is it. Waitin you under your house already la "
She took a damn long time to wash every single hair of her body and head, she took every single minutes to count her eyebrows, and soaped her body twelve times. Then she appeared with a fake warm smile as the replacement of showing the "sorry that i am late"face. Then i asked her whether she has something to tell me, she said no. Thunderstruck. Fine then, i was planning to tell her that my parents brought me the ipodand how happy i am....
"My mum.""Oh you are using iPod Nano also a? Cool"
Argh~ my line!! you stole my line!! actually they remembered my birthday, but they just play a fool on me. Is so great to get born on April Fool day! We played fools on each other on the way to Secret Recipe. Sandra is waiting over there and the waiter passed me a plate of cake with a candle on it just when i landed my nice butt on the chair. We changed our place 3 times in the bakery. Wonder why. They even treat me a plate of Fish And Chip and i met Sandra's friend that gave me a plate of her banana chocolate cake leftoveras the birthday present. Hmm...thanks~~
Then Mariane and Sing Ming smsed me and wished me Happy Birthday. Thanks!!
We started to try the shops one by one to search for sponsors for the event. and we insult the "it" that 3 of us anti for such a long time. We said he's a round shelled turtle, we get shcked when accidentally circle "it's" name and showed to the manager of the shopas the contact person...Sandra and I walked away from Seok Kheng cause she's the one that made the mistake, Her reaction during she found out she made the mistake is like she touched shit, Her hands wobbled away from the paper and she "eek"ed ... oh ya! we insult one bakery shop tauke-so as a aunt also. But, however, she's a aunt though.
When i reached home, i opened my friendster account and found out 5 testimonial with same realted words " Happy Birthday " over there. Ee Theng, Nicholas, Dayuan, Farah and Agnes. Thanks for the testi. Oh Ya! Douglas and Jenine send me testimonials (i can't write testi in plural would become testis.)Thanks guys! On MSN, Mun Yi put her private mesage as HAPpY BIRTHDAY FELIX..thanks.
Today is a very special day for me, and also the most happiest day for me in 2006.
Is going to be a sweet dream coming up next...

Thank you guys from PE4,especially Juin Nik, Da Yuan, Doug and Nick, Mariane, Farah, MunYi, Li Ee, Fadzril ,Soo Qi, Sing Ming. and then friends from Music Club-- Anne, Sandra, Seok Kheng, Zee Kin and Ho Sheng. a incredible friend from PL2--Melanie, friends from Kwong Wah school reporter, Bei Qi, En Ling, Mayjyn, Ee Theng, Yi Ting, then best friends from homewtown, Swee Kean, Kang Chiat, Fuyu, Pei Joul, Kim Wei , Sin Yin and Boon Shing , Jing Ying, Soo Hean and lots and lot and lots more of friends that waste your money to wish mea Happy Birthday. I really really thank y'all.
and last but not least
my sister my brother my aunt and my parents
Mum, thank you and I love you.
I was so prosper as i was covered by love.
I am so thankful to have all of you being with me.
Millions and Millions of thank you to you all,
from the bottom of my heart sincerely,
Thank you all.
Just, thank you.


Anonymous Seok Kheng said...

LOL. You crazy fella. That name part is freaking funny. LOL. =D

P/S: Pity me golden cicak being described until so cham.

April 2, 2006 at 12:55 AM  
Blogger Fheereex said...

the name part for our ninjian turtle..
forhet abt the jurk pls, or else me and san will really leftout you~~


April 2, 2006 at 11:30 AM  
Anonymous zee kin said...

big boy already ah must be sang sng seng seng... 17 years old is legal age for ... hehe... check out the penal code....take care!"

all the best,

zee kin

ps i love the "forever love"

April 2, 2006 at 7:47 PM  
Blogger Fheereex said...

hehe....thank you zee kin!!!

April 2, 2006 at 8:54 PM  
Blogger Farah Adila said...

omg!u got an ipod nano for ur bday? haha. damn u felix!

April 2, 2006 at 11:58 PM  
Blogger Fheereex said...

you damn me after a haha.....

April 7, 2006 at 6:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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