Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Damn sick yesterday.

Jussssst the day after Musical Night. I started to feel VERY not comfatable. That night trying to avoid myself from haing a problem on my voice and my throat, i drank like 5 bottles of 1.5l water. So 1.5*5=7.5 litres!! What the heck man. The show is successfull and i am sick. It was like, UNBELIEVABLE. the only way to avoid sorethroat or fever, for me , is drinking water..
And yesterday i woke up and felt damn dizzy... Carefully walk down to the living room, the clock showed 10. I was like hard to breath, and i felt DAMN uncomfatable.
Have no appetite in eating, i felt more thristy although drank damn lot of water..
The doctor said " this is not good. Bad, very bad fever. 39.5 celcius !"
"If your fever didn't gone in 5 days, come and see me again.It might be denggi."
Woohoo. 5 packs of medcine and there i go.
I forced myself to sleep in a bed without air-cond and i layered 2 blanket on myself after I munched two pieces of bread and those medicine.
and woohoo again, i slept for 5 hours,
totally sweated out, and i felt MORE better.
Thiunk back the morning when i was totally hard to breath, i kept hammering my heart, hope to find a new way for me to breath,it was like..suffer man, honestly. Really suffer.
So...i can't even look at those electronical screen, like computer and tv, i get headache and dizzy staring at them and there i go, slept at 8.

This is the ever first time i have suffered from High Fever.
It was really really bad.
I am almost spitted out the whole yellow stuff in my throat, but BEAR IT!

go first.
that's all.