Thursday, May 18, 2006

Evening at Starbucks.

After a nightmare from Further Maths test, me and Mariane keep on staying at college ctudyin. Started to get some serious about the semester exam that steppin in on June, but i was kinda starving, asking Mariane whether wanna to go sumwhere else and study, Mariane kinda agreed but Asia Cafe is not the choice. " Wanna go Starbucks?" She suddenly popped out this question,
i was like a homeboy never go to Starbucks before, why not give it a try? So there i go, and on the way, stupid me asking Mariane whether there's chocolate based drinks inside cause i am a coffee-no-no...

So we stepped in, out down our bags and books, i observed the menu for minutes...finding the keyword i am lookin for then aha! Flapucino chocolate.Yea. So then another question came into my mind. Then the prices is divided into 3 catagory, S,M,L which replaced by other words like tall ...and sumthin. Then i found out that TALL is 10 bucks and the other is 11 and12. The price is everything for me so i ordered the TALL one, ah~ whipped cream and chocolate ice-blended, that's the great. Then Mariane was like doubting between Cappucino Ice and my Chocolate Ice Blended but finally she made up her desicion and go for the one same as mine but 1 ringgit extra. The size of two drink in different on 1 ringgit is like whoa. A small whoa.

The 'tall' chocolate drink thingy and it's 10 bucks

See, the left one's mine and the right one is 1-ringgit extra-Mariane's

However, sumone with one ringgit extra can't finish her drink.
So, I was like mimicing Sing Kwan laughing at her. We studied a bit and we left at 6.

Me myself enjoyed it, hopefully you too Mariane.


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