Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Suprise.

It rained, again today on Thursday. It's Thursday. So, it's raining day. Wonder why it rained, heavily almost every Thursday, maybe it's because we're having sad sad further maths.
So, as usual we walk to the classroom after hanging in the previous class after Ms Esther left. Those Thinking Skills is killing my brain honestly, so many particular terms need to be remember, so many assumptions in the case studies, to many....if. Oh well, is already the last period today, who cares, just hope to reach home as quickly as i can and have a nice rest.

Still coughing hard though.
Tomorrow's Wesak Day,'s holiday.
Today's Teacher's Day , wee...the 2 hours break is so cool, after a meal at Salmon Steak, i studied at the Library, no shit, i really did.

Well, we started our lesson today with Sam and Kah Yee's presentation, it's cool and look professional, cause they did it in Microsoft Powerpoint presentation format, and the diagrams and those scientific and mathematical terms are all types out by using Microsoft Word, cheers Bill ! I am impressed with Sam's hard work overall, then we don;t have much time left as today every classes was shortened by 15 minutes. So next is Farah's presentation. As Farah and her gang is preparing , i was wandering around in class and overheard Justin and Soo Qi's conversation. Soo Qi is talking about KTAR and 22th of May, she's leaving? I better ask. Yes she's leaving. First i thought she just made up her mind recently, and then i found out i am not the first few one to found out, the gurls already treat her at Pizza Hut just now. Struck in misbelief, i asked her whether when will she stop coming to school, and a shocking answer of "next week" made me stoned.

It shocked me, really.
I was kinda furious ad saying her not telling us that she's leaving earlier. But I don't like this kind of sudden suprise, it's either very cheering or very doleful and thrilling. And bad luckers, today's suprise is bad, very bad.

So, yeah, she's leaving us starting next week, but i forced her to come, I want her to have a class photo with us before she leave. She said "maybe"..... Well, after the class, some girls started to yell her name, it's like 'SOO QI...DON'T GO....'and i pretend to cry but actually I am not happy with the news. She's like same age with me and she's being nice to everyone. She's good in homework, she's active in her co-curiculum. And the day i found out she's leaving us, the day is her last day in this college.

On the corridor, me , Justin and a bunch of girls walked slow. Li Ee kept hugging her and MunYi kept pulling her jacket. I saw her eyes turned red, but alas she didn't cry also, everyone's not happy, but we pretend to laugh along, everyone tried to cheer everyone up.And as we reach the 2nd floor ,when Li Ee , Wan Yie and I is going to library and the rest is going home, Li Ee hugged her again and we shaked hands.

She's such a nice girl and she's leaving. Although I know we still can meet again.
You still owe me Desperate Housewives 2!!!

Without Soo Qi,
*Mun Yi has to grab the seat by her own, no more Soo Qi fighting with Mariane for the front seat.*
*No more ppl same aged with me in this class.*
*No more people we can wee after a tickle on the waists.*
*We can't see a girl with white ubans sitting in the front again,anymore*

I am going to miss that smile.


Anonymous soo qi said...

hey, its ur blog n yap,li ee's too...thanks!!!really touched..i really love u all and will definitely miss u all ver much!!Sorry that i didnt go 2 school on Monday.I was in Tapah.n yeah! haha!!i owe u Desperate housewives!! :P hehe...ei,keep me updated with PE4's news k?

May 17, 2006 at 6:08 PM  
Blogger Fheereex said...

oh haha, make yourself a blog,
and we can contact easier la.
And keep yourself active in PE4 group la k.

May 19, 2006 at 1:46 PM  
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