Saturday, June 03, 2006

It's not a p/s anymore

-i was knocked down by a reversing car last night,
it seriously freaks me out,
luckily i didn't injured badly.
The driver is not accelerating though.
The road to ktm is scary....-
I asked Melanie last night in the train,
she told me this is the sense of wanting to belong.
Yes, I am having this kind of feeling right now.
This is the ever first time i have a feeling like that,
Having a feeling of
Want them to be mine.
This is so selfish but yeah,
how much i wish that i can be in the top of thier friend list.
Chatting and joking around with them makes me think that
oh, that's the best moment, ever.
A guy, who thought piercing can make him look bad,
A raccoon, who seriously look cool and wee all the time,
An anchor, who always comment "crazy" everytime i did something silly to cheer them up,
A beautiful lady, who talk very fast and laugh like hell,
and i am sorry for what i've done to you last night.
A guy, her guy, who can sing so freakinly well,
and i am sorry for not misgiving your feelings yesterday
A gurl, who i always pat her head,
and a choir-gurl, who always do crazy stuff with me all the time,
I can't wait to post up this post,
i can't keep it in my heart
Should I or should I not let them know?
I wonder.
This is no longer a small small p/s to them
from now on
is a big shout out to them.
Keeping this in my heart just like a melting lemon,