Saturday, September 29, 2007


Haven exactly tell everyone where exactly I am now didn't I?
Currently at Perlis, and the mysterious three months has begun.

Reached yesterday morning, and has been dragged by my mum to help out the workers at the factory minutes after breakfast. And spent the whole morning collecting rusty steel to sell them off with a good price.
WHICH is wayyyyyyy different of how I imagine my three months holiday would begin. Not with a sweaty way.

Still has been lazing around since I was home, did contacted the driving tutor to continue my lesson soon and Mum did mentioned again about my jaw operation and moving on with the braces, while I was having dinner last night.

Mum was like :
" You still want to do braces or not?"

and I was like, oh ya.
They're, apparently, fine with the whole idea if my prudential insurance can cover the money required for the operation. And my mum is actually worried about the operation and unbelievably I am worried about the teeth pluck process. I hate pain, especially in my mouth, cause I've been listening everyone talking about how pain it is taking off the two wisdom tooth, and I still have extra 2 to be removed, if the whole plan is on.

So Dad was basically smacking my head saying I am an idiot worrying the wrong thing.
Then I was thinking, yeah, the operation will cause me a mouth pain for a week after the operation, and I can't basically talk and bite, while I am tube fed, and my jaw will be half-numb for a year cause the senses at the jaw part is going to be affected during the whole process, since they're hammering off a part of my jaw bone.

But think again, I WILL look different. That's what the orthodontist confirmed to me.
Now Wan Yie, imagine Johnny Depp in me. mwahaha.

Was flipping through the pictures in this computer and ladies and gentlement you might interested to have a good look in this.

Mum's currently laughing out loudly seeing me uploading this picture. Just back from a tickle revenge.Yeah so that was my stupidest hairstyle among my whole secondary school life, bald.
Classic look, thanks to St.John Ambulans.

But yeah here we go, effing three months.


Blogger The Sad King said...

but this gentlement thinks your hair , or the lack of it blends into the night sky.

September 30, 2007 at 7:08 PM  
Blogger wyie said...

Yes, Felix. Thank you. I'm thinking Johnny Depp.

October 1, 2007 at 7:07 AM  

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