Saturday, October 20, 2007

Cousin's here.

Good food is always around when my
Sungai Petani Uncle's here.
Sorethroat is always around when good food is here. Not exactly.

But yes my
Sungai Petani cousins is all here staying over. They're, apparently, the only christian family in my mum's generation.And the kids are all home school. All 3 of them are some pro music players. Always perform for their church. And anyway as I said when this uncle's here, good food is always around.Presenting to you,

Itanianaaaa Beef Pizzzzzaaaaahhhhh.

and they did some koo chay koey too.

For those that didn't exactly help much, what did they do?

They camwhore.
and messing around with some spoiled violin.

And oh, we played The Game of Life that night.
My cousin become a grandparents when she had no children at all. Coollllllll right.


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