Saturday, November 10, 2007

Call me the Sumaker.

Had my driving lesson again today.
It was the third lesson so far, after so many postponing and canceling and almost-turn-into-another-argument-situation, the lesson today is at 3.30pm when it's supposed to be 11.30. Yes my dear, he just simply postponed it, when I was freaking fully prepared with the shoe and the shirt and the long pants, again

Just can't help being a lazy shitass, like he always do.

Anyway was driving today with him sitting beside nagging like a 60 years old friggin old virgin worrying about not having any soul partner before she dies. And I was trying to concentrate memorizing the 6 roads that I've been through then there's this car behind me caught my attention.

I was looking at the rear mirror, and my lips goes :" oh."

So there's the blue Kenari following behind my slow moving car and yes, with that smirk inside the car and the loud laughter I can hear since our car window is open while I drive and yes it's buncha my stupid friends stalking me having my driving lesson.

How sweet.


Then I was like already frustrated got nagged all the way, there comes the friends with at the same time the villain of the town, my world, sorry, and then drove over me, which they called it as a "escort" few hours later when I meet up with them giving them nice repay, to be exact some wet kisses, and back to the story, once the blue car is in front of my car then I first stared at the rear mirror again and my lips read :" oh-fucking-fucking-no."

So there was another car behind, familiar one, mengepit the poor L licensed student driving in a 60km/h speed on the Perlis road.
Stupid blue kenari then sped up, signal, and parked the car far aside, waiting for me driving slowly pass through them and they catch up again.

I am so fucking ashamed by then.

Then I reach a traffic-lightless junction where I am suppose to turn left and the procedure is

Signal, slow down, gear 3, jaga brakes, turn to the side of the road, signal ,cut in the main road.

Thanks to my stupid friends, I am so lost,
I signal and forgot everything.
So what did I did?

Signal, didn't slow down, gear 4, tak jaga brakes, DRIFT to the middle of the road, signal, cut back to the correct lane.

oh ya, then I got scolded.
Then I damn sien ady, no mood to drive and all and just that felix-is-fucking-sien face all the way home, then the wet kisses repayment begins.

So next time my dear, thanks but no thanks about the escort. You all are so lucky caught me driving today, seriously. So next time?Just kick off the horse heel in front of ya, no point making me drift, again. Thank you.

And now, it's happy listening to the laughters again, it's fun meeting up you all when everyone's busy for STPM.


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