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Uni has started finally. I'm alllll great for now still, and Doug is going to be my course mate + classmate, yet, for another two and a half year. Just gone through a few days of orientation and last Saturday is the SABD Sandcastle Competition organized by the seniors at Pantai Morib, somewhere somewhere.

It's so looking-forwardable.
And it worth the excited until didn't sleep well the night before that.
Walking on the beach with sleepy eyes
And the smell of poop once and again filled up your nose?


Don't even know how to price it.
Pantai Morib itself is not that clean, even the lecturers warned us before we go.
Can't really expected seeing two middle aged couple sitting there on a picnic cloth one reading novel and another is sitting beside, resting I guess

-when the smell is that terrible
-and picnic, 8.30am in the morning.

The picnic basket is the classic item of the day. Rare. very.

Anyway, we'll skip the bus ride and some drunk looking senior getting hyper and funny on the bus. Let's move on to the ice breaking at the bitch. Beach.

One Thinking Skills like question.
One senior says :" This kinda questions always have a very weird answer."
and one group member,JP says :" I did this before already. The answer is mirror."

So the group says :" Mirror it is."
The presentation for the answer is entertaining. I'm basically doing stupid stuff with the mirror given while my group member is elaborating our answer and viola, JP's right, the answer is really mirror.

Now about the Sandcastle Building. Seniors assistant ofd course.It seems that everyone has already rushed to take water and stuff for their building and for us we're sort of don't know what to do with the sand unlimited ly provided. Megan and Rynn even sketched a Taj Mahal the day before the competition and we're just getting started about the planning.

Since we're given some different size bucket, I was thinking of making use of it and stack up the sand with that and start sculpting it. And the others send in their opinion as well and on and on and in the end we're making some of the Seven Wonders at the given limited space. I won't say Seven Wonders, let's say some famous building and wonders should I.

So there's Igloo, which without the sculpting , it seriously looks like boobs,
A FINE ONE. which without the sculpting , it seriously looks like boobs,


will update more about it soon once I got allll the photos.
A senior sculpt some Egyptians on the pyramid. It's very cool I have to say.

Great wall plus plus some Watch Station, Now THIS is the pain in the ass.
See those sculptings on the wall, those brick stuff and the nicely done station.
Thanks to the
Jusco Card,
Touch n'Go Card,
someone's Student ID
and another club Membership card.

Shazwi seriously gave it all, and JP too.
It took us one hour and plus, 4 people running around sculpting that freaking wall.
And it still look a lil'bit horrible. But that's the best we can do. =(

Sydney Opera House
Nicely done by Jee Yeong's friends from High School , now seniors of us.
Spent the whole time building up the shape. And it's really REALLY impressive.

I liked it a LOT.

And finally, the Twin Tower
Or I called it two crooked dicks.
Justin and JP spent quite some time doing this, but it just doesn't stand strong and long, collasped twice. Until the end then we got the idea of using the drinking mineral water bottle as the shape inside and fill the sand with it but too bad it's too late. Lack of time it is.

In the end we got consolation. Still can remember Justin asking me whether we can win it or not.
And Mr Nat is smiling behind. Then I get what he's laughing at. Cause my answer is

" No with the Petronas Twin Tower looking like.... China valley miniature version."
Too bad we don't have much time to fix it =(

My team for the day. We have Lisa the only QS there, Rachel, Senior 1,Senior 2 ( shit I'm bad at names ) Justin and Andrea, the senior that sculpt the Egyptians standing behind.
Front we have Fanly from Indonesia, Rebbecca, JP and the two down there is the Jingle Mingle and Clement.

Someone's not in. Shazwi. Wonder where he ran to. =)

The winning team. Norman's team.
The Taj Mahal. It's kinda late for Halloween anyway.
Senior's underground ella ella ella.
The one oversized.

The second. Heard that it's a.. Colosseum supposed to be. But it turned out weird. Jack said.

Doug's team with the Little Mermaid palace like entry. I really liked it and it's really time killing piling up that much of sand. Too bad they didn't win.

I can't think much for now. I need to go to the bathroom and eat and sleep.
Cause the timetable for the first sem is a pain in the ass.

There goes the waking up at 5.30 early in the morning, again.


Blogger wreck of the day said...

Hey felix
Looks like fun
hope you didn't get sunburn.

Sand castles... Sigh

Did you do something with your blog? it redirects me to some ad page. I had to click on stop before it went to the ad page.

Hope you had fun haha.

January 8, 2008 at 12:57 AM  
Blogger Fheereex said...

i didn yorsh.
not only mine.

other's like that also i dunno whyyyyyyyyy

and oh i didn get the sunburn haha

January 8, 2008 at 4:24 PM  

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