Monday, February 18, 2008


Mum is worried.
Sis complained, asking why am I spending my time not sleeping finish up my assignment
while I am having my sem 1, only.

Well, this is how it goes, man, when you're in Uni, when you have a sucky lecturer that don't state the point clearly that somehow they confused themselves along and this is how it goes when you're kiasu.

So, I just showed up our Building Materials video today.
And I have to say I am disappointed of what the comments given. I am NOT saying that I am that good, but I thought I could score better. So now I have 2 days to make our group better, there goes the no sleep tonight thing again.

Annie Choi is so true.

Architects love to discuss how much sleep they have
gotten. One will say how he was at the studio until five in the morning, only to return again two hours later. Then another will say, oh that is nothing. I
haven’t slept in a week. And then another will say, guess what, I have never slept ever.

So, true.
We're like,

*walking into the studio*
*stare at each other*

" how many hours "
* 3 fingers up *

We did that, like we KNEW it.
Plus, we practiced that before we're certified, before we're called Ar-jee-tects.

No wonder Annie hates us. Aww.

Apparently sleep is one thing architect students loved but they can't have them, they just don't own them, like, not supposed to or anyhow we just cannot link ourselves in it.

And that's why I starting to hate the way I sleep.
Not that I am being humble or being nice, it's just simply 100% ugly.

And worst, I don't even know it until people told me, indirectly, with the smirk on their face.
Was sleeping nicely on KTM all theway to college, before I found out that my position of sleeping has gone a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit off somehow on the way and I woke up, yawning like a donkey with my mouth oval-widely-open.

And it just won't shut though I know it's embarassing open up your eyes from sleep and your mouth still somewhat not awake,yet.

And worse,
the Indian lady sitting opposite you is trying her very best to cover her big mouth and not showing the big smirk on her face.

and now,
as a architect student,
that supposed to love sleeping,
getting a tick of hating his sleeps.

and plus, THIS is embarassing.


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