Saturday, February 23, 2008


0801SABD Semester 1
Introduction to Design
Assignment One :
Photomontage (20 %)
Group Member : Felix Saw . Jason Ooi . Justin Low

What is design?

This presentation deals with the complexity regarding subjectivity in design,
stressing the never ending antagonism between the rejected and the exalted arts.

There is no middle ground, no junction,
they dance past and away from the other,
in disharmony.

The issue is with personal taste,
for as long as there is you and there is me,
and the distinctions which make us unique.

Complication is what we must live with.

We don't have a theme, but we are trying to create an answer.

To challenge the question, in a ultimate critical point of view,
We would like to say everything in this world is a design.

"Design can be art,
Design can be aesthetics,
Design is so simple,
That's why it is so complicated."
- Paul Rand, 1997

Different voices judging art, judging design, defining it
From a different part of the world, different point of view, different idea about design,
Which made the difference, between one and another, about design.

One asked another:" What is design?"
The latter looked around, and pointed at a very well-designed chair.
"THAT is design."

Design is so simple, that people can distinguish it so easily with their own eyes.
Design is so complicated, a slight diversion between two alike design,
differs significantly.

Design can be solid, can be touchable OR NOT.
Looking at things and judging them,
designs a new emotion, a new expression in your mind.
That's what makes a person's definition of design different from another.

Two people debating about design,
but their opinions never meet.
What makes Monalisa a good design? Who said so?
What makes punk and rock a bad design? Who said so?
People talked, and tried to find a harmony point about design,
but they never found them.

One say this is design, and another said that is design.
That's how it is accumulated into a point,
that everything in this world is a design.

Garbage. Rubbish.
They are design, too.
And you always know who created them, who designed them. =)


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