Thursday, April 03, 2008

That teruk ke pa

Being forgetful or so, Felix just threw away a few points of memory again, lost his own Design Communication Sketch Journal. So he is now scratching his fucked-up-head on his way retreving the number of pages.

Which is amat mengecibaikan when you're pissing all about your work.

and someone don't have class on Friday talk to you starting with a line
" weh i damn bored. "

So yeah, the piling up assignment.
So yeah, dying all over again.
So yeah, 3 research papers. and the APA format referencing skills and all those.

Killing brain cells? Yes.
Potong stim? Yes.

So I reckon some of you might thinking saying, update your blog about your birthday dumbfuck. That's like the post of the year everytime, for those who just created a blog and let it rot, yang tu pun they talked about their birthday, so therefore felix, your turn is NOW.

well, Birthday is fun.
Woke up with 4 messages, 3 wishes Happy birthday and welcome to the adulthood

Well, something like that.

cause they 3 thought I am 20.
You know who you are fuckers. haha.

and one wished me Happy Belated.

This one better, I replied :" no la, today IS my birthday."
he replied :
" HAHA ! Fooled you !!"

so yeah, it's either he really damn malu, or his fooling skills are bad.
Celebrated with college friends at TGI Fridays, Sunway. I was so high that I didn take any pictures. Especially group picture, which is quite sad. And of 19 years, my head got pushed to a cake for the first time ! Thank you my friends for made it happen.

A cake and a big card. With all your wishes in it. It's really really sweet. Thanks guys.

and then.
Doug just popped up saying " I got to go and this is for you."
Pink gayish wrapping paper and cutey fonts saying happy birthday. NOT COMMENTING ANYTHING ABOUT THE CHOICE. NOT SAYING ANYTHING. But yeah, so I opened it and to my very very very surprise.

Something that almost made me cried.

Like a hot girl.
Thanks dude, I really like it.

It's either my family have that chemistry or whatever.
Everyone's sms-ing me the birthday song.

" Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to A tat,
Happy birthday to you !! "

Yes this. cause I spent my birthday morning, not at home, but studio.
And my my special mum


" Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to mummy,
Happy birthday to you !! "


Then she sms-ed me again " about the present....later la ha."
Then she sms-ed me again, sms-way-ly-resang the whole song with correct person. And telling me that my dad's trying to sms me but he don't know how to. great.

So yeah, in the end, dad called.
So that's the family case.

People say it's not good to get angry on birthday. But sorry I fucking am.
Rush the whole night in studio going nuts for the drawings and in the end was told on the morning that the submission date is postponed.

Fuck shit.
Well, no I am not that angry actually but TELL EARLIER NEXT TIME? BITCHES?

Sometimes I was wondering if I was too harsh on you.
But now come and think about it, it's worth it, you suck anyway, Mrs.Rec-tank-goo-lar.

See , birthday post end up cursing people, my blogging skills wonder.


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