Monday, May 05, 2008

Oh dear I need a new template.

Fine. Update.

Has been not updating blog for a long time and disappointingly, no one went to the tag board and shout for Felix updating his blog.

Can't stand the temptation and the un-popular-ness.

End of TE2, end of the whole semester. Was quite thankful I am exempted from the LAN Subjects.Apparently they have subjective and essay questions now. Back then when we're squealing crying memorizing the rukun negara and end up came out in the Malaysian Studies exam papers. Dealing with 5 the oh-so-hard-to-memorize-rukun negara that cost 5 marks. I am so sorry guys.

Now I was sitting at home all day.Waiting for something to come up. Which is rare.
Becuase compared to my brother, which supposedly got something to do but always end up playing Ragnarok Online in front of computer screen, I am supposed to be the "got-things-to-do". Not that I am extra hardworking, just that he's lazier than me. We're not that far. But yes.

Facebook nothing to check.
Friendster lagi worse.
MSN like mad only, all day disconnect disconnect.

Yes for once, I am damn freaking bored.
Flipped a few more pages of
I know this much is true and fell asleep in the house.

I need to do something productive before I become mind retarded.

something I did for my cousin. Her music school concert poster.

But oh before that.

Things happened today semasa saya the bathing just now.
After washing my hair, face cleansing is always the next step.
I then screamed when the whole squeezed face cleansing gel just accidentally tapped on the hair.

I was so blur.

Quickly washed off the face gel,
and resqueeze,
and tapped on my hair again,
and screamed "fuck."

I REALLY need to do something productive before I become mind retarded.

oh before anything.

little did you know Jason, little did you know.

i shall make a new blog layout.


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