Monday, May 26, 2008

Penang Trip

So yes, I went to Penang,
a detour before going to Redang with my coursemates.

Went Penang with (2), staying at (1)'s place.

Stacie's house located at somewhere IN the island.So both of us took a night train, bunk bed one, and travelled all the way from KL to Penang. It's a painful experience, despite the not-so-comfortable mattress, plus a bunch of stupid high school bitches making friggin' noises, very disturbing laughters woke us up from sleep for so many friggin' times. Go fuckin' hell, bitches.

8.30 night train. Reach there around, 7. Stacie's mum picked us up and straight went for breakfast. No pictures for the Curry mee and Penang char koey teow we ate, sorry. Cause the camera is then somewhere in the luggage, in the boot.

Stacie's house is a big one, housing 5 childrens, supposedly, but only 4 of them are at home then. Plus a garage, with a LOT of rempit bikes, you know, those brem brem vroom vroom one. Superbike, is it how you called it, botak? But yeah, apparently the father is a damn cool biker.
You picture how he looks like your own la then.I wonder what's going on during the house tour part, but somewhat somehow the tour ends up Doug and I walking on the


I was like, Stacie can I walk up there?
She said : yeah can, I always bring my friends sit up there one.

Suprisingly the mum also stand there, talking to us like nothing happened. Ahaha, somemore told us the story of how they locked their house key in and Stacie have to climb from the garden wall, to the roof and walk in this area to open the door for the whole family.

Since Stacie got no driving license, and the parents don't have all the time in the world to fetch us around. So they are very daring of lent out the father's limousine for 2 of us to drive around. LOL, so both of us drove really carefully, while the say-left-but-hand-point-to-the-right local host guided us explore around Penang.

shaddap. the father say it's a limo, a limo it is.

First place we visited, we decided to take it easy. So we went to a ..... recreation park. Stacie's mum suggested we go to the Botanical Garden, but lol, plan changed. It was ... 10 something in the morning, just reach, just bath and we got all sweaty again. Thanks to

Yes, those equipment, apparently we're the only young people over there. Felt quite out of place. Hey, it's supposed to be a youth park, mind you.

Next, a quick trip to the Kek Lok Si. Her mum say it's a must-go-place. And I was thinking revenge. Listen to my stories and explore the wonderfulness of Buddha, you two.

Walking up the staircases all the way up to the temple is.... tiring.
Lol, we stopped half way and saw something familiar.

Oh, the studio 7 people swimming in the pond.
Just, look, at, Ki Jun.
Speaking of uu guai, top right corner, Seok Kheng, it's you !!

dragged one of the Buddha over and we camwhored !
Just look at them, A-W-E written on the lost faces, clearly.

Up and down Kek Lok Si, believe it or not, 40 minutes. The parking ticket selling guy sotra stunned. End up saying us didn't really visited the place throughly. Cause when we parked the car over there, he was saying that we will definitely take over an hour to visit the whole place. But too bad uncle. =)

Met up with the mum and the yougner brother, um.... Anderson yes, for a quick lunch and then, the legandary

oh yes, it is that delicious.

Skipped the kill time part. The parent has left to Phuket, Thailand for a 2 days vacation in the afternoon. Met up with Stacie's friend, Jerry and went for pool, and of course, got trashed.
Later, a movie outing with a bigger amount of Stacie's church friends.

Believe me when I say big crowd,
is a cinema 2 rows of seats amount of big crowd. Stacie's big social circle.

Prince Caspian,
3 of us thinks that he's damn annoying.
Doug and I thinks he's a trouble maker in the movie, for real.
And Stacie is annoyingly in love with him.
The show is okay, the story goes some what too quickly. and some of the story doesn't even existed in the show. And Aslan the lion, mahai damn power, show face for a while only then they win the war ady. But still, the graphic is impressive. Very. Impressive. After movie, Gurney Hawker stalls for dinner. Rojak ,Deep fried cuttlefish with sugar, lo-bak ( deep fried lok-lok like food ) and wantan.


Skip story to the main highlight of the trip.
BBQ Steamboat Dinner.


My performance that day was poor, I got full quite fast, which I was so disappointed about it,

Bloated,spent some time walking around the street before head back to the table and continue round 2 of dinner.Snapped a few pictures and the 2 below, I like.

It's pretty impressive of how they manage to adaptively reuse the old building over there. The design and the historical heritage value of the architecture over there has been remained.


right, so Penang trip was overall fun. Thank you host and congratulations for finally get to know which is left and which is right. PE4 people, or SABD gang, we should go again definitely. =)

but i need photos, get your arse online and share picture la, ass.


Blogger Juin Nik said...

Lol i enjoyed the pictures and food man. Nice captions tooooooo

May 27, 2008 at 3:16 PM  
Blogger JK said...

Oh NO NO don't go to Gurney Drive to have Penang Hawker's expensive over there! Maybe only for muah chee...

May 28, 2008 at 6:58 PM  
Blogger JK said...

hey, that's not botanical gardens...that's youth park. It's near the gardens though.

You ate ice kachang there? You should've also eaten the renowned cendol there...that's where everyone goes to have it! Lolz

May 28, 2008 at 7:05 PM  
Blogger Felix said...

muah chee tak nampak pulak!


yeah we went youth park instead of botanical garden haha. did i type wrongly there? ice kachang i dunno where one but phua chu kang went there before.

May 28, 2008 at 8:11 PM  

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