Monday, June 02, 2008


I really don't know what to type here but something tell me I have to write something.

Well, if you still have no idea where I am, I am now home in Perlis.

And the watermelons are now piling up at one corner of my house.
I am basically having watermelons after breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

But don't get me wrong, they're tasty. Especially those you planted yourself. =)
And you, Stacie Ng, stop laughing.
and he's so friendly he bit my hand.

So the results are in, I am honestly, not satisfied. So people might say that I shouldn't cause it is good enough, well, Mr. Woon and Ms.Veronica did told me, sms and email, that the B-s I got are actually high B-s, asked me not to be disappointed about that. But you know, B-s are just, at this situation, plain ugly, yong sui, yes Jack. And saying that it's a high B makes you more menge-cekik-kan your own neck cause you're so close getting an A. Right, I am actually happy with TE2 getting a B despite the poor performance during exams, I am supposedly thankful about it. But not Design Theory. Not that my performance is so good that I deserve an A+ or whatever, but for me, it's like the highlight of the first semester for me, well, maybe because it's a sem 2 subject, and I actually loved it a lot. It's really something that connects you to "Architecture". Now I missed that subject already. But yes, that's why I wanted an A for it, spent lotsa time for the assignments hopefully not to screw it up.

-Okay, we did screw up during the first assignment. Doug and WeiXiong, you both know that.

-Then the second assignment, Ms.V is kind enough giving me the chance to re-do and she'll remark the assignment cause I am yes, close to a better grade. But I did sat down and rethink of the comments she gave, consult a few lecturers, but in the end, the grade is still nicely, still.

-And the last assignment, I gave my all, haha, really. A 10 pages research paper carrying 40% ? Who don't , mahai. But yes, my hardwork for that one paidoff.

Just too bad in the end when all sums up, I am just that close to target. Or not, but that's what they said.

oh, by the way, the after-redang-but-still-at-Kuala-Terrenganu times makes me wonder.

are they that short?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

First comment!

July 8, 2008 at 7:44 PM  
Blogger Felix said...

haha! second!

July 9, 2008 at 11:13 AM  

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