Saturday, June 14, 2008


Maybe I should stop visiting Marie's blog for a while

cause she very giat hold outings and every outings also take picture.

I sitting here in front of my com, damn sien-ed, bored, and jealous.

Hours ago I was thinking yes I should volunteer contact the rest of my ex-high school mates and gather for dinner like we used to do every holidays.

Hours later, after sms has been delivered all over the people, there I got 6 people attending.
6/15. It's not even a half.

Supposedly there's more people around, but some of them choose not to attend, and some of them we gave up contacting them since some time ago.

Now it reminds me of another thing, not that we gave up on you, YOU gave up on us. It was the Chinese New Year gathering, at Pizza Hut, so I was told that I'm supposed to contact them and ask them to come along too, 5 years of friendship, well, at least we used to be in the same class, so better call them as well.

So you say yes you will come.
Then you called say you're not going.
I asked you why, you say you don't feel well.
I say fine.
I picked up a friend, and he say he saw you walking with your boyfriend at the pasar malam.

So the gathering is next Thursday. There's 7 of us around Perlis and one not attending. It's sad.