Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I'm sorry I remain silent

Was waiting for KTM to College today. Don't ask why to college, definitely not studying.

Um, was first freaked out by this guy, which I think

  • he's either damn smart, freak everyone away so he can enjoy the KTM seats or whatever.
  • or he's really gila ady one la.
But he was talking and laughing and making sign language alone. At some point he was lifting his right hand placing besides his ears as if he's using his....imaginary cellphone and started walking around hahah and yes ho no ho himself. Too bad for him

scared of crazy people
feck I am so getting into this train this time

The latter won. Landslide.
People didn't really care about what he's doing, well they did discussed about it, but still when the train comes, everyone just squashed in, around him, and at that time he's still talking to the phone, I mean, imaginary phone. Inquire me in person if you want to see a mimicked version of that.

So yeah went into the train successfully, Segambut foreigners are still as shitty as they were. And so it was so packed the 2 guys standing beside me started chatting and ranting.

One was a middle-aged Indian guy and another one was a teenager. with lotsa luggages.

The teenager, first, he looks....chinese,no, malay. Okay I am so not sure which race he is but he's trying his very best by uh-hmm and uh-huh with whatever coming out from the uncle's mouth.
So packed we can't hear what he was talking.

Then the Indian guy asked.

"you bawa banyak beg nak pi mana"

"nak pergi !&^%%$# Poly."
"oh, yiu orang mana."

and my left ear just grew bigger at that time.
concentrating of what he's going to say next. whatever it is.

"Perlis ah. eh jauhnya, itu tempat.....Kangar ka."

Felix's monolouge :
"haha mostly la orang perlis not much people come here. should be from Kangar."

"oh, bukan. Kangar itu jauh. Saya orang


OMG You're staying at my area and I have no friggin idea who you are.

K, then my brain starting running with words. Should I say hi, should I tell him I am staying at where he's staying, will he think I am bluffing, how should I start, hello orang perlis ka , or in mandarin, but what if in mandarin then he reply say he don't understand, what if I ask in malay and he give me the feck-i-am-frigging-chinese-face then I damn malu.

and in the end I got down from Putra. and didn't get to speak to him.

Yah I know, what a waste right. and I stayed in Arau. frigging 8 years. and I don't know who the hell is he. Shit.

*run back to room. flipping Arau map*
No, Arau is not big enough to have a map.

Then back to college, met Shibi's friend Samuel that apparently went to Perlis before, with someone that's not my age, studying at different high school, and yeah I know her. Dayum my C geography for PMR. Tak guna langsung.

Hancock was good. Should watch that.

  • Enchanted FINALLY.
  • Hancock
  • Kungfu Panda I am now less outdated.
  • Made of Honor
  • Get Smart - I - WANT - TO -WATCH - THIS - SHOW !
  • Incredible Hulk, downloading. but tak suka la I guess.
  • Wanted
  • Batman

  • and the Justin Timberlake acted quite gay show. what's that called Ki Jun? Love Guru


- Other side of the World
- Collide
- Hit me Baby One More Time
- Trouble Sleeping

no webcam no guitar. Sien = =.


Blogger zhenlong25 said...

haha among all that you listed, i left out get smart>.< as for batman, soon...yeah!

July 10, 2008 at 12:25 AM  
Blogger Felix said...

heaaaaaaath ledger.


July 10, 2008 at 10:36 AM  
Blogger samanthacje said...

ehh ehh dont lah watch get smart.. bad movie, seriously...unless if u get a dvd, dont bother going in the cinema..

July 10, 2008 at 9:28 PM  

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