Friday, July 11, 2008

Out with Wrn [damn funny day]

No I don't have a camera and Wrnwrn didn't brought hers.

It was actually quite random at first of how she asked whether we should hang out which I said why not and in the end she came and fetched me, 3.30pm afternoon.

Waited in front of the wrong house.
Anyway I was very happy to see her, and her 9-hours-delayed-yet-UKish sense of humor. It's been a long time since I last sat on her car. We talked a lot on the car and somehow we managed to pull to the point of topics to the number of days I had spaghetti as my dinner and we mentioned about onions. She was saying of how she cook spaghetti mixing with chilies and garlics. And I was picturing onions.

note :
the conversation below might be very retarded due to felix's sucky understanding of vegetable terms, so skip the conversation to....."all this time..." part.

[retarded convo]

"Garlic, you know, g-ar-licccc"

* picturing Onion, comparing with red onion*
red onion


*picturing the onion above* cause you know white onion, red onion, easy to differentiate."

"nononono, not that onion. another one another one. garlic"
"oh, the long long one?"

sorry that I am really hopeless.

"but...that's Spring Onion right?"

I actually know this is garlic, deep down in my heart,
just that sometimes I got it mixed up with ginger.

She was so confused about why in the end she got blamed of not telling me the chinese term of it that she almost gave me the fly-out-from-the-car-kick.

[/retarded convo]

Well, *continue here if you skipped the conversation part* all this while when we're arguing about ONIONS. We're basically waiting for the traffic light to turn green. And we didn't really check the lights, we're far behind the traffic. The cars behind was honking real loud and we thought it was just the stupid cars at front still, not honking us. Then I was staring at the car in front of us. Double signal light.

I tilted my head to the left.

WAH car crash.
And the cars are empty.

"So they're honking..."
"US. Jom, cepat."

Yeah, so focused on the Onion topic and got honked. How dangerous it is messing around with Felix's english.

Right, so we went main campus, she met up with her Physics teacher, and I took my A Levels certs. We paid for an hour parking and left during the 16th minutes. Don't know where to go, we decided to fast forward the plan to the dinner part, which we went for Penyet. Ayam Penyet. And I forgotten to give her my pay cause she was paying it.

A while later we found out that the petrol was low. She was driving her

Shut up, I really don't know it's Benz.

I was walking out of the restaurant, staring at the logo and said,
"So this is a Toyota..."

And jumped into the car straight due to the embarrassment saying out loud in public.

Where was I? oh, petrol. So the car's petrol was low and we sorta mentally struggled ourselves finding a Shell station and at the same time, trying to figure out where is the button to open up the petrol cover or what should it be called. And end up being so retarded and found out we just need to push it open without pressing any button or trigger anything. So pump petrol success, and it comes to closing the cover back and we failed to do it as there was this small steel bar blocking the way. Wrn and I thought it's supposed to be like that so we really left it 90% closed and meet up with her brother at some Damansara mamak.

Then she told the brother the problem and he went and check.
Came back and tell us it's locked already. You should see our faces.

"Oh, once you unlocked the car, the thing will automatically close one"

Yeah, we both pushed it real hard that time and in the end decided to act high class walk back into the car with the cover 90% closed.

It was fun going out with her today and there's definitely something else so funny but I've forgotten about it. Cause we really laughed all the way to and fro. From the moment I got up her car until I got home. And yes we have to go out again cause I owe her bucks.

Until then see you soon Wrnwrn Tan.


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