Sunday, July 13, 2008


Really, I don't know how to talk about DATUM, when I can't really catch what they're trying to express due to my bad english understanding. But I was thinking about a topic that has been brought up by this one Singaporean practicing architect that attended the talk to Mr.Hou Liang during his Q&A Session about the sense of poetic and its relation to the weather and the environment. Which makes me wonder,

whether the design of the building comes first?
or the sense of poetic itself comes first?

Um, I don't know how to say this. Lack of vocab.

Let's use the building that has been questioned by the Singapore architect to Hou Liang.
His Tsunami Memorial in Phangnga, Thailand.

It was challenged that something not right about this design is the materials that used for the building and due to the tropical weather, the appearance performance will definitely be influenced or worse, deteriorates. Whether the poetic sense, will then, influenced as well. The sense of spirituality. Will the poetic sense of the building changed as the appearance of the building deteriorates. [ did i asked the question correctly? ]

While I was listening to this question, it strikes me directly, thinking yes. The appearance itself is so significant, it will definitely influence the spirituality within.

Of how the building has been designed, and how Hou Liang related Tsunami into the design, how the concept has been modified , till the final design. And the design concept will later related to the Spatial experience and how Hou Liang has utilize the space for its function. How did the "poetic sense" successfully live up the building.

I really don't know how to explain my own question.

Building like this are supposed to be the one bringing back the memories


it is just a shelter, designed for the people to gather for commemoration ?

The spirituality are supposed to live IN the building ?
or WITHIN the building?

I hope reading books about Poetic spaces helps.
Archeeteks, opinions?

or just hit me in the comment box telling me
you suck i don't know what the hell you're talking about.


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