Thursday, July 17, 2008

Small things

Small matters in your life that drives you crazy.

I just reach home , things just screwed up one by one by one by one in front of my eyes.

I wanted to cheer up but I just couldn't.
I blamed myself for not bringing out the external hard disk, so yes, I brought the wrong converter.

Aunt went out again.

USB Port spoiled in front of my eyes.
I got so tired. I couldn't smile for anything.
I'm just so tired.

Pissified. Sitting in front of the computer emoing for nothing.
Currently listening to Jason Mraz's latest album.

I couldn't smile at all.
Lucky, makes me cried.

I know the sleepover was really fun.
I know the shouting and yelling inside Ki Jun's car was really fun.
I know Dark Knight was damn good.

But I just don't feel like talking about them now.
I wonder why.

Is it the black nail polish curse?


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