Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yes, I Know

erm, I really don't know that I stopped updating at the 330th post. And I don't get why since I walked into this college today everyone has been staring at my pants. I simply, don't get it.

Kuantan trip has been a mess, for myself. And chain effect works, I made the Kuantan people a mess as well. Getting sick during your very last trip before college starts just one word, no, two,

fucking fucking suck.

Well let's not mention what kind of sickness I get, first of not be able to really enjoy yourself while you're walking around meeting people, and next, the people around you have to keep an eye on you. Not that you want to, but automatically you gave them the omfg-i-am-so-sick-face that they'll just go "eh kesiannya felix". Which I am thankful that I've been quite nicely taken care of. Clinic visits, lying around different people's bed sleeping wherever I go and yes you get the picture. So a very big thank you to the Kuantanese. Kaima, Aunt Eryna and little Cadence. Mel, Wx,Wh and the family. It has been a sucky slash happy trip. Thank you.

Photos, I shall be uplaoding it very soon.

College starts, sucky timetable, supposed to finish class at 12 today, what a waste of 5.60 bucks, what not, gimme the 3-5 IBS please. and what now.

The cashier lady at Taylors' main office just gave me THE stare.

You know, THE stare?

okay I also don't know what THE stare is supposed to be,
I'm out of words that's all.
Photos soon, ciao first.


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