Sunday, August 03, 2008

Kerja di Sekolah

So I just watched Get Smart. downloaded online.

one of the scene
Disney Concert Hall - Frank O'Ghery

Is either the movie crew is really out of their mind letting The Great Khali tearing up one part of the building just to place in a bomb. or it's just a prop they created. If it's the latter then it's very creative of them doing so, cause ada macam la the interior of the building.

Just playing around with fonts just now, Visual Communication first assignment it is, and it's driving me crazy. Doug and I literally woo-ed for joy, seeing the word "Typography" in the course outline, and yes we're learning it. So the looking forward for it. But on the other hand, I am actually quite worried with my AutoCAD class, not that I can't pick up the stuff Mr.Charles taught, it's just that my location in class is not a good one, backfacing the lecturer while he's talking, so when I turned my head back to him, I don't know what I just missed. -_-

Was sharing a com with

Li Hui,last class.
um, share com, and food, and

we're just not doing what Charles instructed us to do.
that's our in class homework, and Charles just taught us how to do annotation, with the arrow thing. Therefore as an exmaple, he made me a corner.
and I've made Li Hui a corner as well.
Rash, is just a line.
that's Rachel Lee's brain shape.

and prooooooooooooudly presenting you,

the iCAD.

we're really not following what Charle's teaching us. shit.


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