Saturday, August 09, 2008

Sengek and Ice cream

So it was a tiring Friday bringing guitar around college and stuff. Visual Communication was boring that day, I expected more things to be taught in that particular lesson : Typography. I still can remember Doug's face when I pointed out the word Typography in the course outline at him, maybe we really expected too much.

After class as promised we went for Ayam Penyet.

[wait, before Friday]

the thing was planned like Wednesday, when Lai Ming excitedly tell everyone say those that go for Ayam Penyet on Friday, wear black ahhh. And some more Thursday night purposely went online and tell everyone about it. And it was in our freaking evil little brains that we're so not going to wear black that day, instead, we're going to annoy her out, wearing her favorite,not, PINK.

So it was Thursday night when she went online and promoted about it, Stacie and I promoted about our plan as well and we're so looking forward to see the look on Lai Ming's face on Friday.
So everything was set, everything was set, okay, everyone's wearing pink tomorrow..

and yes I didn't wear a pink shirt that Friday.

..and I thought hey, let's go to the wardrobe and see whether I can get into Narnia where did I kept my pink T Shirt and to my very very suprised, I went to Narnia

I left the freaking T Shirt in my Perlis house wardrobe. YES.

[/wait, before Friday]

As imagined, I was complained by the gang. Feel damn retarded at the moment for so hyper reminding everyone about the plan that in the end I'm the one not doing it.

as expected as well, laughing at her expression seeing everyone wearing Pink
and a very very sampat green.

The people that went for Penyet.
as you see, people that didn't wear pink are in a row.
They're either [from second left] very retarded, don't-have-pink-shirt, or not informed.
As usual, the Ayam Penyet was awesome. Gadogado was delicious, and Sup Rawon was for the sick people. Though it's a lil'bit overpriced, but once in a while it's a should-makan-place.It's fun to bring Lai Ming here and eat, cause after
  • every bite,
  • watching her placed down the fork and spoon,
  • hands touching her cheeks and
  • swing left and right,
  • worshipping the niceness and deliciousness of Ayam Penyet,
was really really entertaining.
Siapa nak belanja, I NAK TEMAN !!

After penyet straight went up to Sunway Pyramid hunting for the Laimingandstaciesayuntilsonice Yogur Berry Ice cream.

Well is already a fact that Lai Ming and Stacie share the same taste of loving ice creams and stuff but it take guts for Lai Ming to walk in a Ice Cream shop this
see how disgusted she is.
I guess the icecream is really that worth trying.

Ice cream look okay, taste okay, shop deco okay, staff also okay, now wondering why there's barely any customer walking in and out this shop. You wonder why, I show you why.


After a round of UNO Game and Forever 21-forcing-LaiMing-try-out-pink-shirt,

Then next stop we went to Stacie's place. Not to forget I brought my guitar allllllllllllll the way from Kepong to college , thought want to play some sing sing song song together. Stopped by at Stacie's and started off searching lyrics online. Believe it or not, we sang "I Kissed A Girl" too. It felt so wrong it felt so right.

It felt so wrong it felt so right.

Then, when Lai Ming, Setey and Fe is there, this type of photos should be expected.

strong V2.0Aiman's singing.worshipping my guitar.Angry people. Look at Stacie, cheating.omg, Lai Ming punya guitar skill.
and...yah, random. see me bite botak.


read the picture below and you'll know the story.

a picture worth a thousand word

-- Visual Comm. Lecturer, Ken Tan

So that's three thousand words there. Start writing.

Dear Stacie, photosss
Dear Lai Ming, I'm done with mine, tag, you're it !

I'm loving my life now, love you guyssssssaahhhhh!!!


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