Friday, August 01, 2008

Visual Communication

is not that boring after all. touch Illustrator touch Photoshop tak ada masa yang lain sudah. Summore it's a 4 hours thing. So people that took IBS, NAHHHHHHH !

and Shibi dreamt about turtles and floating rock last night.

Were told that when a person's left half of the face and their right side of the face are the same,
they are very good looking person. Like Denzel Washington and the Coli bra above. You should try out your's too.
Note : Coli bra I got photoshop the mole, or else two moles on each side of the face very the weird.

Now it has made me wonder.
how my friend looks like when she's fat.

cause she's not. and she eats a lot of kai fan.

sorry Marie, we simply need one guinea pig. and, you're it.


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