Friday, October 17, 2008

Ken Tan's back.

killed a lotsa time in
Visual Comm doing nothing.

Finished AutoCAD Elevation, now need to work on the layout.
Need to start the services and history reports as soon as possible.
I wish that the network card can fix my computer's internet problem.
I need a DSLR
( ignored. )
I need to move out, I want to move out,
I need a car,
I need to talk to Mr.Saw about the three last points above.

Mum's getting pro in using facebook, scary.
something that I accidentally got hooked on.
they're fighting mind you.

you asking me how's my surface construction going?
from the miniature conceptualto the pussy holeto the damaged R&W
(R.I.P 2 weeks ago)

We're doing fine here.
The final product is, awesome, Stacie awesome. [from her point of view of her awesomeness, not ours]
borrow senior punya landscape model.

updated :

the brick test is done. Ours own brick test.
I shall save the thank you post after the submission date, the final brick test.

Pwnt, indeedly pwnt.
But as for now, the only thing I am sure about is,

you did wow in front of your computer screen, no?


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