Friday, October 03, 2008

Ki Jun's 18

the party where I yelled "pussy" loudly in public,
forgotten that the parents were there. damn malu.


okay that was random hi. anyway was just back from meeting up with Peggy and also the camping days in Lai Ming's house. I guess I will be showing pictures from the party only right now.

everything started a week before Hari Raya holiday in college when someone randomly mentioned about October Babies in our course and name of Ki Jun,Shibi and others popped up. Needed desperately to suprise someone, and Ki Jun was nah hah hah selected. Manage to get the girlfriend's number [tankiu aiman] and the planning was on.

By the way guys, so much for ' jumping behind Ki Jun and flash the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLFRIEND !!!" cards but end up no time to do it. '

Oh wait, I was the one the suggested that idea.

So the plan didn't work out, instead, the idea of cake baking was quite success. Or, wait. quite success. It was plain first-timer-trial-baking for some of us. But green tea cake it is.

cake baking process,

It's a two stories building....ahem, cake with whipped cream as the outer layer and chocolate chips trying to form the word, XOXO.

Before the cake is done, everyone was literally shouting and sighing for the ugly appearance of the cake and the not-enough-whipped-cream to cover the whole surface of the cake, and the slanted XOXO. Then geniusly the decoration part has saved the cake, well, a bit.
at least it turned out to be, ahem, colorful. macam cake sikit.

place nicely in a steel-plate -> rushed there -> pakat with Ellen meet up at the entrance and passed them the cake -> and nicely went in and pass up the first suprise.

oh never mention.
first suprise.
Hey, at least the grannies and grampies loved it.

and camwhores filled in the time before the cake got sent in.
and we thought, wow celebrating with 2 cakes will be quite cool.


4 cakes,

summore the least round shaped, weird double storey filled with crumbs cake on a big fat silver plate is the only one with candles.

standing beside the holy nice chocolate blueforest cake with cherries baked by Mr.Lo, it's damn malu.

lazy to photoshop the wings in.
But glad he likes the cake and the real present we gave him.

cake bakers, GOOD JOB!

and Happy Birthday KiJun.
Really really great having you around.


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