Monday, November 03, 2008

i don't like this com

so happens i took mum's Sony Ericsson back to KL and use
and the fucking charger won't charge my phone.
or it's the fucking phone won't let the charger charge.
sounds like raping either way, but you get the picture.

so i am actually quite sien with it flowing at the utmost 23% of battery and have to run to the collegemates with flying tears tomorrow to use their laptop to charge.

the USB charger is so picky that when I plugged it into my com, the phone wont charge
how ironic.


now you might wondering why am i so free typing here.
I am actually so free and I need to start work desperately.
Not that I choose not to
my brother is using my com,
unbelievably his com failed to install Microsoft Office
and need to use my com for report, that dues tomorrow.
this is very wtf.

So, without Microsoft Office,
no slides reading,
no documents reading,
which equals to can't do anything.

Well, I did thought of using his Photoshop,
then end up sobbed at the corner of my house wall staring at the 512MB of RAM.

So I am back to doing nothing.


This is random.

Trying very hard not to gave people the kiasu impression.
Was in history today,sien-diao due to the amount of people attending our presentation, and also to the slow sweet time the earlier groups has taken for their presentation.
When it reach our turn it's already 6.
There are 16 students left.Those left are those that supposed to present today. which, is, all of them. So after we're done, I was asking Alina how we did and she said okay. And then kacau lahhhh Douglas went and flipped through the reports, and stupidly, I blurted the stupidest line ever,

" eh how ar, theirs very good ah?" right behind Alina.
She gave me the stare with that, heehee-you-fucking-kiasu-right-pft.

Then imagine the done-done-done-doneeeee inside me.
okay, now I am a fucking little kiasu pussy. -_______-

tak mau lahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
*at the same time cursing brother for taking my com away*


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