Friday, May 22, 2009

And so it is

the post below has nothing to do with
dogs and puppies. or Biri.

It's my Architecture Studio 1 work.

We go backwards, shall we?

So crit was okay, personally I think I did okay, though there are flaws here and there. I blame myself for messing up how things are supposed to be. I've made a research-essay-style-presentation board; Kijun and Douglas pointed it out straight alright.

It's suffering, really really suffering, trying to write out something good knowing that you have bad english. And it's really embarassing typing them out and show it to the world, knowing that people will point out the mistakes here and there and laugh at you deep down, but I was rather desperate, sadly to speak. I blame myself for repeating what's on the board, bored the crit during the presentation, then he cut me off and fast-forwarded me straight to the end of the presentation. I felt really bad at that point and the next thing I know, he made a quick conclusion and moved on to the next person.

Okay, maybe I should've started the post with "So crit was not very okay".

Then it was two days before crit where another foolish mistake were made messing up 3A1 and 3A2, ended up pushing everything in 2 A1s at the very last minute before it was sent to be printed. And then the "knowing that I've spent 90 bucks printing a A0 presentation board without inserting the floor plan and typos here and there" only happened 24 hours before crit.

Honestly I was really much ahead of other people, of how they're still doing the plans when I finished inking and stuff, and time spent contemplating whether to draw Axonometric, or Perspective plans, or not drawing both at all, and ended up being the last person finishing the presentation board. See how much I've slacked on the way.

A house designed based on the features of Chinese Opera translated into architectural language, the flow and movement of the performers on stage VS the circulation of the user in the house ; meaning to gestures VS function to form ; a play of rhythm and tempo VS the strips of light and shadow ; a different color of faceprinting VS a different level of privacy needed. It's so simple, I wonder why I took that big turn just to reach the point.
Then it was that one week of studio-camping days. The luggage just got bigger and bigger comparing each return to the Studio unit.

It was the two sleepness nights during the weekend before the studio-gungho-week that I finished up my model. Spent a great Saturday night just to support the stage and create the smooth-supposedly-ram-then-staircase linking the stage and the ground floor. A range of adhesives used from UHU to Dolphin superglue to Elmers. And that Sunday night is all about cut, stick cut, stick, cut, stick. It was then that I figured out how to interlink the strips from the inside to the outside. Random but the idea is good.

and it was him I'm supposed to thank, for giving me opinions and suggestions, and a big patch of scriblings and sketches in my book. Tang Li Qun, salute.

and of all reasons why I have to re-design the studio at the first place, the main, and only intention of changing the design is to un-dog it. Fine, so this post really has something to do with dogs.

Emailed mum the other day, just to tell her what happened at college. And I almost cried in the library. The email was typed in chinese, updating her about what happened here, also being emo and telling her how unhappy I am those few days. I know she won't check her mail, cause she don't read emails usually, topping it up I sent it to her Facebook email. So the stress and anger are stored in the mailbox, without her reading it and get worried, and I felt so much better after that.

I always thought I don't have problem communicating with other people here, since I'm the talkative one. So I am really wrong. English english, it's always about the english.


I'm not going home after all, I guess.
I'm gonna miss home a lot. =(


Blogger jk said...

The "I'm not going home after all" line sounds like you were nearly eliminated from some competition or something.

And regarding, the dog...err..i mean biri-bi....errr.....i mean your structure, it really depends on how well you sell the thing to the crit and it's also luck whether the design will suit the preferred taste of the crit. And your english is not bad what. It's perfectly fine!

May 23, 2009 at 10:12 PM  
Blogger Felix said...

and jk sounded like just kidding haha.

dare not say perfecly, but i am still learning i guess, thanks. =)

May 24, 2009 at 11:30 PM  

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