Saturday, February 13, 2010

Daya Bumi, over and done.

studio, is over and done.
i mean, just the assignment one.

moral of the whole assignment :

  1. you can't run away from Rhino. seriously.
  2. you can't run away from the kit-of-parts modelling. not when you're grouping with Douglas.
    ( well that's my case, cause I kena it second time already ) which in the end, you will run back to statement number one.)

Spending another assignment with Rhino tells me I seriously need a laptop. Or else I'll be a sleeping staring partner working with Doug, again, WHICH I don't want to, but I don't have a choice. My sister was saying (oh by the way she's back) "oh tat, you need to get a laptop". Well thanks for stating the obvious, how helpful it is by saying it out now before Chinese New Year.

okay Chinese New Year goals :
1. Collect Angpao to a certain amount where I can get a laptop, good one.

But seriously, lesson learnt from this particular assignment,

Try not to cock, how about some research?


Remember Felix, this ain't no studio one or two where sometimes cocking might work.

And, Douglas teach me Rhino.
That night before submission we were both talking about the model and stuff, and amazingly we spent less than two hours assembling the four rhinoed-organic-facades. While I was mooing away with all the hassles we've been through just to get the form right, and kept reminding him about what happened during Observation Tower assignment ( vacuum cleaner, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee), and yadda yadda unconciously we're done with all 4 facades. Then he turned to my side, gave me the equal dot equal face and said :

say thank you,Rhino.
so, here's the stopmotion animation you wanted ( i will reedit it btw),
and YES,


and happy CintacintaNY peeps, photos coming soon!


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