Saturday, February 27, 2010

So apparently.

Freckles, Mortality & Denial WIP,and Soane Museum. by SongJie,Lim.
Free hand sketches done by another Taylors College ex-student ( Douglas, not only Yheu Shen. ), well this guy made it into AA as well.I've seen him walking around main campus before, if I'm not mistaken, last time when I'm still a sad ( not that now I am any less sadder ) still studying struggling in A Levels. The time when I only speak one language, the Na'vi. ( I'm not sure whether I got the apostrophe right.) He's in... Medicine stream, if I'm not mistaken. Look where he is now. He's with the Wong Guan. How nice.

I'm not a person that is good with words, I can't get things done by plain talking and writing,(not now,so far.) , and I scribbled things to pull me back on track.

But these are some talking sketches, and I wanna draw like that too.

Well, Studio Assignment 2 has started, and this is officially the first time of me leading a team of 14. Went for THE site visit 2 days ago, ( with my new shoe, hee hee) and I'm really excited that things has finally kicked off. Now may Hindu gods blesses me, Imma go sleep and I have IP to run tomorrow.

And yer to you guys that watched Valentine's Day. Imma watch it at home. hmph.


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